4 Reasons Why Virtual Events are Better than In-Person Conferences

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4 Reasons Why Virtual Events are Better than In-Person Conferences

At this point, it may actually seem appealing to wait in line for hours at the airport, cram yourself into a plane with hundreds of cranky travelers, and spend a sleepless week in a noisy hotel to attend a conference. Wait, no, that still sounds terrible. While we’re all itching to become world travelers again, the dreams of New Orleans and Paris probably don’t involve spending 90% of the time in a stuffy convention center. If there’s one blessing in disguise from this year, it’s that virtual events might actually be better than attending conferences in person. Here are a few reasons why. 

1. No Begging for Conference Budgets

Do you want to go spend a week learning about SEO in Seattle or telephony in Tennessee? You need to learn to grow and attending conferences is a great way to access all the top experts in one place. Of course, that means you need to get approval for travel and conference tickets. This equates to spending hours formalizing your justification for attending and presenting that to whoever holds the purse strings, or if that person is you, wondering if that $5,000 would be better spent on Google Search Ads

The great thing about virtual conferences is that there’s zero travel budget, and, like this year’s Invoca Summit, many of these events are free to register and attend! You save time, money, and still get all of the benefits of attending your favorite conference.

2. You Can Still Get Your Work Done

The best part about conferences is learning new things. The worst part is coming back to a week’s worth of work piled up in your inbox and then forgetting half of it. With virtual conferences, you are still camped at the (home) office, so you don’t have to take a cab back to the hotel to hack some work out or try to find a quiet corner to huddle in to take a conference call. But you can still cancel all of your meetings because you're attending a conference, so you might actually get MORE work done on a virtual conference day than during the normal meeting-fests that most of our days have become. 

For Invoca Summit’s virtual conference, we made this even easier by scheduling it across three half-days so you can catch all the sessions you want, get your work done, and be in the kitchen in time to make dinner! 

3. The Speakers are Even Better!

The lower level of commitment for virtual events does not just apply to the attendees, it also makes it way easier for speakers to attend. This means it’s more likely that you’ll see the best customer stories that are out there, not just the good ones from customers who were able to attend.

At Invoca Summit 2020, you’ll catch a keynote from marketing genius Seth Godin, learn from experts from Salesforce, Google, and Tealium, and hear from Invoca customers at leading brands like Autonation, Dell, Miracle-Ear, Rogers Communications, Flagstar Bank, PODS, and more! Check out the speaker lineup here.

4. You Never Have to Go to Vegas (for Work) Ever Again

Personally, I’d rather spend a week locked in a basement full of angry hornets while I burn my money for warmth than go to Vegas, but I understand that there are folks who enjoy the place immensely. But going there for work saps about 99% of the fun out of it because nothing that you do in Vegas is going to stay in Vegas when there’s hundreds of your coworkers, customers, and peers there. I would provide examples of said shenanigans, but I’m at work, so I can’t. See? No fun! 

Still not convinced? Register for Invoca Summit for free and see for yourself!

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