Invoca Signal AI Call Intelligence Solution Surpasses 2 Million Phone Conversations Analyzed

June 11, 2018

Users of Invoca’s machine learning-powered call analytics see significant increases in ROI and reduced marketing spend in a short timeline.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., June 11, 2018 — Invoca, the call intelligence company, today announced that over two million phone conversations have been analyzed by its award-winning machine learning solution, Signal AI, since launching last year. Invoca customers including Frontier Communications and Starkey Hearing Technologies are using Signal AI to uncover new opportunities to boost marketing ROI and improve the customer experience.

Starkey Hearing Technologies has been using Signal AI to identify the caller’s actions that most often result in a purchase. “The conversion data that we are now getting from our calls has allowed us to optimize our marketing strategies to precisely retarget customers in real-time, which has reduced our spend and increased conversion rates,” said Colleen Farrell, manager of retail marketing at Starkey.

Frontier Communications, which provides communications services to urban, suburban and rural communities in 29 states, has been using Invoca Signal AI to analyze conversations in real-time to understand buyer intent. This helps them understand why certain callers aren’t buying, whether it’s because of pricing, competitor offers, or other reasons. This gives them the insight needed to create personalized offers that are more likely to drive conversions.

“Using Signal AI, our marketing team has been able to begin classifying our interactions with consumers by the intent of their call, as well as analyze the outcomes of the call and the root causes for those outcomes,” said Bryan Flores, AVP of media and analytics at Frontier Communications. “By relating that information back to the different types of consumers, we are able to identify patterns in needs and behaviors. This can be leveraged for treatment purposes to either improve the experience of existing customers or the purchase process for our prospects.”

Invoca Signal AI adds the power and scale of machine learning to Invoca’s call intelligence platform. With Signal AI, marketers can uncover insights from customer phone conversations that previously required an expensive and slow process of manually listening in and classifying call outcomes. Signal AI automatically analyzes the entire context of the conversation for language patterns, identifying customer intent, behaviors, and call outcomes. Marketers can get started in seconds by using one of Invoca’s out-of-the-box pre trained signals, or create custom signals to address more specific business needs. This AI-powered intelligence can then be pushed to Google, Facebook, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, making it simple for marketers to connect phone calls to the entire digital customer journey.

“While there’s a lot excitement and buzz around AI, I think there’s a feeling among marketers that the path to ROI is unclear and that it’s difficult to implement,” said Nathan Ziv, VP of product at Invoca. “With our Signal AI product, we’ve seen the opposite — our customers have gotten up and running right away with little additional effort, and driven significant results within weeks of turning it on.”

Ziv added, “We’re excited about the future of AI at Invoca, and have made investments in our product and data science team to ensure we’re bringing the most cutting edge technology to our customers.”

Invoca’s groundbreaking AI technology earned it a place on the CB Insights AI 100 list, which recognized just six companies globally in the marketing, sales, and CRM category.

About Invoca
Invoca helps marketers drive more revenue and a better customer experience by bringing call data and conversation insights into the digital customer journey. With Invoca’s call intelligence platform, marketers finally have attribution and analytics to measure call outcomes and tie offline conversions back to digital spend. With an ecosystem of over 30 technology partners, marketers can inject call intelligence into their existing technology stack, enabling them to orchestrate a seamless customer journey. Invoca is backed by Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners, Accel Partners, Upfront Ventures, Rincon Venture Partners, Salesforce Ventures, and Stepstone.


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