The Real-Time Revenue Execution Platforms Landscape, Q1 2024

Forrester recognized Invoca among notable vendors in The Real-Time Revenue Execution Platforms Landscape, Q1 2024. Revenue leaders need this report to learn about the trends impacting them, the value you can expect from real-time revenue execution platforms, use cases, and what to look for when choosing a vendor.

    Revenue Execution is More Important Than Ever

    Revenue teams are challenged by fragmented, multi-channel customer journeys. This becomes acute when customers leave the digital journey and call to speak with a sales representative. Once the digital data trail ends, it becomes difficult to connect sales to marketing spend and optimize for revenue growth.

    Forrester states in the report, “As buyers engage across an omnichannel landscape, companies are losing track of which interaction investments are working. Without this visibility, they struggle to justify their investments, leading to cutbacks as businesses tighten their budgets.”

    Download the report to learn how real-time revenue execution platforms can address these issues by:

    • Connecting marketing campaigns to sales
    • Ensuring a connection to the right seller
    • Driving the best seller engagement
    • Providing the fuel needed to derive value from generative AI
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    Valuable Insights From The Report

    Main trend

    Revenue leaders are under pressure to deliver higher revenue with smaller budgets. Without full visibility of the omnichannel customer journey, they struggle to justify their investments, leading to cutbacks.

    Primary challenge

    Companies must avoid the loss of revenue due to gaps in their go-to-market execution. They need solutions that will help mitigate lost sales while also ensuring that the interactions buyers have with agents are optimized to deliver the highest win rate.

    Top disruptor

    The democratization of AI is creating new capabilities and compliance challenges. Revenue teams will be among the first roles to benefit from AI in optimizing their go-to-market approach while keeping their customers’ data safe.