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See How 3 Day Blinds Supercharged Mobile Search With Invoca

Tracking calls from digital and direct mail to optimize marketing spend.
of sales come from calls
of leads come from call-only campaigns
See How 3 Day Blinds Supercharged Mobile Search With Invoca
A majority of our customers come through phone calls, so the importance of conversation intelligence cannot be overstated.
Dan Williams
Chief Revenue Officer


3 Day Blinds, a custom window treatment company, books 70% of appointments over the phone. It's critical that their specialists speak to customers in order to understand needs and preferences before an in-home visit.

3 Day Blinds was unable to track appointments booked over the phone back to their marketing source, including paid search, display, radio and TV.


3 Day Blinds implemented Invoca dynamic call tracking across all digital channels so they could tie calls back to paid search, social, and website sources.

Then, by using static Invoca phone numbers in direct mail, TV, and radio campaigns, the marketing team could get campaign-level reporting spanning both online and offline campaigns.


Prior to integrating Invoca call data into Google Ads, 3 Day Blinds believed that mobile paid search was an underperforming channel and actually tried to suppress it altogether.

By adding Invoca data to their analysis, it became clear that mobile search was actually one of the most important channels for sourcing high-converting leads!

Actions & Results

For the first time, 3 Day Blinds finally had visibility into the channels that drove revenue-generating calls and discovered:

  • 48% of sales come from calls
  • 17% leads from call-only campaigns

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