In the age of AI,

emotion still matters.

Technology has made it simple for consumers to get nearly anything with just a few clicks.

But when it comes to complex, high-stakes purchases like a home mortgage or health insurance, consumers expect more than just digital convenience. They also demand to be understood.

Invoca and Adobe partnered to explore the topic. Take a quick look


Even though 80% of businesses already use or plan to use chatbots by 2020, over half of consumers believe the future should entail a combination of human and automated interactions.

Especially when it comes to big purchase decisions like a mortgage or insurance plan. People don’t just roll the dice.

To better understand what consumers need to feel comfortable when making these important purchases, and the impact artificial intelligence (AI) will have, Invoca surveyed 1,000 consumers in the U.S., and compiled the findings into a report alongside data from Adobe’s Experience Index.

The following are important or very important characteristics of my interactions with a brand:

Do human hearts or robot minds offer the best EQ?

Demographic Points:

Younger consumers
of respondents under 35 said they’d find AI-powered experiences less frustrating than human interactions
Older consumers
of people 55 or older said AI-powered experiences would be more frustrating than human interactions

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