What Do Our Customers Really Think About Us?

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What Do Our Customers Really Think About Us?

Thank goodness for customer reviews, right? You wouldn’t buy a lava lamp from Amazon without reading the reviews, would you? The same is even more true for marketing technology. You want to get honest feedback from real customers before deciding on a software platform. Now you just need to know where to find reliable software reviews … Thank you, G2 Crowd.

What is G2 Crowd?

G2 Crowd is a leading software review platform with 80,000+ user reviews. These reviews help nearly 600,000 software buyers make better purchasing decisions each month. These insights provide transparency into software technologies that buyers can’t find anywhere else.Now for the real question: How do we stack up on G2 Crowd?

What do Our Customers Consistently Talk About?

  • Easy Setup: Invoca‚Äôs call intelligence platform is easy to set up, and it integrates with the rest of your marketing technology stack. ¬†In just a few steps, you can create call-based campaigns and generate unique tracking phone numbers, which means you can track and drive phone calls almost immediately. Sure, our platform is powerful, but that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice simplicity.¬†
Easy to use call tracking
  • Robust Reporting:¬†Understanding omnichannel marketing performance can be tricky. That‚Äôs why we make monitoring the customer journey -- from click to call to conversion -- easy. Our reporting is concise with actionable insights so you can optimize and generate more calls for your marketing dollars. And best of all, our reporting lets you tie revenue dollars back to calls and marketing campaigns so you can calculate true ROI.
  • Great Customer Service: We pride ourselves on our customer service. We don't think being responsive is enough. We believe in finding the best solutions for our customers and having fun while doing it. We also thrive on feedback so we can continually improve.
Excellent Service
  • Best in Class for Pay Per Call: Our pay per call solution allows performance marketers to easily work with publishers to drive and track calls.

How Do We Solve Our Customers’ Problems?

  • In-Depth Data: Today's marketers want to understand their customers like never before. Our call intelligence data tells exactly where your phone calls are coming from, who's calling, and what's happening on the phone. This data helps you¬†improve your ad targeting, personalization, budget allocation and so much more.¬†
Reporting Rocks!
  • Convenient and Scalable Call Monitoring:¬†Without having to listen to a million individual calls, our customers can monitor what questions are being asked and what information is being given during calls with our voice analytics feature, Signal. This tool saves time and resources and provides more accurate information about what is discussed during phone conversations.
  • Seamless Integrations:¬†Invoca has integrations with web analytics solutions like Google Analytics, bid management platforms like Kenshoo, marketing clouds like Salesforce, and more. These integrations make it easy to bring call intelligence to the rest of your digital dashboard.
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G2 Crowd has been a great resource for us to get valuable feedback from our customers. If you'd like to see more reviews from our amazing customers, visit G2 Crowd.

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