Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Conversation Intelligence for Marketers

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Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Conversation Intelligence for Marketers

While you may know and love the Call Tracking Study Guide for Marketers, all good things must come to pass. In this case, good things just keep getting better. 

The Call Tracking Study Guide for Marketers is now The Ultimate Guide to Conversation Intelligence. This is not only to recognize the evolution of Invoca from call tracking to an Active Conversation Intelligence solution, but it was a data-based decision, as we found the “Ultimate Guide” title to have higher conversion rates when tested in display and syndication than “Study Guide.” You know how we love our data!

Unlike most new textbook editions, we didn’t just move the pages around, change a few pictures, and increase the price of the 2nd Edition of our guide. First, it’s still free! Second, we’ve added a bunch of new content, including: 

Using Conversation Intelligence to Optimize Google Ads Performance

Do you drive sales with digital ad platforms like Google Ads? I know, that’s like asking if you like puppies and ice cream. Would you like it if your CPA was lower and conversion rate was higher? Again, puppies, ice cream. 

In this new chapter of the Ultimate Guide to Conversation Intelligence (it’s section 5.0 if you want to skip ahead), we cover:

  • How conversation intelligence works with digital ad platforms
  • How to gain full visibility into your true CPA — including offline conversions
  • How to automatically optimize keyword bidding with call conversion data
  • How to maximize your paid search budget with conversation intelligence

Learn more about optimizing paid media with conversation intelligence now!

How Invoca Integrates With Your Tech Stack

The #1 reason that companies switch to Invoca is for our integrations. So it only makes sense that we provide additional content about them. In this new section, we cover integrations from attribution to telephony, including: 

  • What makes our integrations work
  • Automating actions with conversation data in your tech stack
  • Available Invoca integrations

This latest version has also been updated with new Invoca features like Signal Discovery, and of course, our designers would be remiss if we didn’t point out the updated look! 

And it’s now the Award-Winning Ultimate Guide to Conversation Intelligence, having garnered recognition in B2BMX’s Killer Content Awards and PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards. Hold up, let me grab my horn — TOOT TOOT! There we go.

On a more somber note, we have all entered a new era of marketing in 2020. A worldwide pandemic and the resulting economic impacts have dealt all of us a massive blow both personally and professionally. This has shifted the focus of many marketers from expanding programs to making sure that their marketing is not only more efficient but more responsive to rapidly changing customer needs and behavior, and again shifting from survival mode back into growth mode. Many of the updates we have made to this edition reflect this new reality as well.

As always, The Ultimate Guide to Conversation Intelligence is the most comprehensive text available to help you learn how it can help make you a better marketer and improve the performance of all of your efforts. 

Are you ready to learn everything there is to know about conversation intelligence? Great! You can get your copy here.

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