How Miracle-Ear Drives High-Value Franchise Leads with Conversation Intelligence

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How Miracle-Ear Drives High-Value Franchise Leads with Conversation Intelligence

Miracle-Ear is a franchised organization that brings hearing aid technology to those with hearing loss across the United States. It has over 1,500 locations nationwide, the vast majority of which are locally owned and operated, and many of the franchisees have been with the organization for decades. As a franchise organization with thousands of physical locations, the Miracle-Ear marketing organization is fairly complex. Digital marketing accounts for a quarter of the total business revenue for Miracle-Ear and about 80% of its digital marketing conversions happen over the phone. This is because it is driving new customers to call and set appointments to visit one of its local franchisees for an in-person consultation.

"The scale is pretty significant and so for us, it was incredibly important to bring a solution that not only allowed us to track our phone call conversions, but also give us user-level data at scale in terms of quality and outcomes of those phone calls driven," said Nataly Huff, director of digital marketing at Amplifon Americas.

Miracle-Ear had previously used a turnkey solution that grouped paid media together with call tracking. That approach was effective when the company was dipping its toes into digital marketing, but as it headed for full-on digital marketing transformation, it could not provide the granular data needed for optimization and to develop new, innovative marketing strategies. 

Read the full case study here to learn more.

How Miracle-Ear Increased Efficiency and Revenue with Invoca Conversation Intelligence

Using Invoca conversation intelligence, Miracle-Ear was able to reduce contact center costs, increase revenue, and achieve a double-digit improvement in digital marketing performance within three months. Watch this short video to see the results.

Using Invoca Signal AI to Identify Conversions and Nearly Eliminate Spam Calls

“Previously, we assumed that the distribution of the quality of calls was consistent with the distribution of the volume of the calls, and that simply wasn’t true,” said Huff. The data from Invoca showed how different channels, campaigns, and creative were driving high-value appointments, or people calling for directions, or spam calls. “As you can imagine, the value of those calls are very different, and that’s where the power of Signal AI comes in.”

The ability to identify spam calls allowed them to immediately implement a tracking line hygiene process to eliminate numbers that were pulling spam calls. “Cleaning it up was no small feat, but we were able to drive a reduction of spam calls by 65% within one month of deployment,” said Huff. “Fewer spam phone calls means our call center agents could spend more of their time talking to real customers and prospects and we were able to drive a 15% increase in call center agent efficiency.”

Integrating Data to Gain Transparency and Measure True Marketing Performance

Amplifon uses offline conversation data to develop signals in Invoca that they integrate into digital marketing tools. This enables them to send user-level call outcome signals directly into Adobe, Google, and Facebook. They then used those algorithms to drive campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

“Invoca is a very powerful tool that can be the linchpin for your entire data structure and digital strategy,” said Huff. “The Invoca motto is, ‘integrated data drives automated results’ and that is exactly what happened to us.”

Miracle-Ear built a structure that allowed them to automatically pull Invoca data into their BI tools, automate reports, and show campaign performance down to net revenue. Through integrations with Google Campaign Manager, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Facebook enabled them to automate processes and better use the algorithms of the BI tools to their advantage.

“Between our new UX and UI, new CMS, new tracking and analytics, new media account structure and new franchisee capabilities, all together we were able to drive double digit improvement in digital marketing performance within three months.”

Watch Miracle-Ear’s on-demand Invoca Summit presentation here to learn more.

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