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Using Invoca to increase return on ad spend

ATI Physical Therapy uses Invoca to optimize ad bidding and create a consistent customer experience across its 900+ locations
Using Invoca to increase return on ad spend
"Invoca helps us calculate our ROAS far more accurately than we could before. Now, we can confidently say that for every dollar we spend, we bring X amount back to the organization."
Dennis Haupt
Digital Marketing Manager at ATI Physical Therapy

With more than 900 locations, ATI Physical Therapy is the largest physical therapy provider in the U.S. The team uses Invoca to understand its full ROAS and optimize its bidding strategy accordingly.

“Thanks to Invoca, when we talk about our marketing budget, we’re no longer having conversations about the credibility of our marketing metrics," said Dennis Haupt, digital marketing manager at ATI Physical Therapy. "Now, we’re talking about how we can strategically invest to drive more growth.”

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