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Aspen Dental Uses Invoca to Spend Its Marketing Budget Smarter

With Invoca, Aspen Dental gets granular phone call attribution, helping it reduce cost per acquisition
Aspen Dental Uses Invoca to Spend Its Marketing Budget Smarter
"Invoca helps us understand what's happening from the top of our funnel all the way to the bottom. It allows us to be as efficient as possible with our marketing dollars."
Sam Fitzgerald
Sr. Manager of Integrated Media, Aspen Dental

Aspen Dental is a dental support organization with more than 1,000 locations nationwide — its mission is to bring better care to more people. Aspen Dental uses Invoca to track the phone call conversions its marketing campaigns drive and make smarter optimizations to reduce cost per acqusition (CPA).

"Invoca gives us deep insights about what's happening on our calls," said Sam Fitzgerald, Sr. Manager of Integrated Media at Aspen Dental. "We can understand what common patient needs are, what they're concerned about, and what roadblocks they're facing. This helps us create better patient experiences for everyone."

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