How to Use AI to Get Attribution for Marketing-Driven Phone Calls

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How to Use AI to Get Attribution for Marketing-Driven Phone Calls

You’re about as likely to run digital ad campaigns without attribution as you are to put ketchup on your ice cream. But when it comes to getting attribution for conversions your marketing drives over the phone, it’s a Heinz-on-cookies-and-cream-free-for-all. It sounds just as horrible as it is, but many marketers spend their ever-tightening ad budgets driving customers to call without ever knowing if they convert. 

Wouldn’t you rather have some nice chocolate ganache on your scoops? Here’s how you can ditch the ketchup and use AI to get the sweet, sweet attribution you need to optimize your ad campaigns, reduce wasted spend, and drive more high-value leads to the phone.

How Missing Marketing Attribution for Calls Destroys Your ROAS

Many of your customers will ultimately convert on the phone, whether that’s setting an appointment, getting a quote, or making a purchase. Most of them discover your business online before calling, and this causes a data dead zone where you lose track of attribution for your campaigns. Here’s the damage that lack of attribution causes.

Lack of visibility into phone conversions causes wasted ad spend

Many marketers spend a lot of money driving leads to the phone without knowing the outcome of the calls. It’s a common blind spot that forces you to guess what’s working and what’s not. This leads to spending too much on campaigns and keywords that don’t result in conversions and not enough on the ones that actually get leads on the line. If you don’t know who converted, you’re wasting ad spend retargeting people who already made a purchase, too.

This results in low conversion rates, increased acquisition costs, and wasting ad spend on ineffective campaigns.

Without attribution for calls, you can’t optimize your campaigns

Are the keywords you’re putting money behind driving leads to call or just getting people to call for driving directions? Are your Facebook ads getting calls for quotes or people calling to complain about your Facebook ads in their feed? Without attribution for the calls your campaigns drive, you’ll never know. With nothing to prove the effectiveness of your ads, you have no way to improve them, either.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure

We’ve found that when leads call businesses, they convert at upwards of 30% — three times higher than they do online. And many book more than half their business over the phone. 

If you’re measuring CPA on clicks and guessing what happens on the phone, you’re only working with half the data you need to accurately measure your marketing acquisition cost and return on ad spend. We found that marketers who don’t track phone conversions over-estimate their CPA by more than 40% — and that’s basically money that you can’t spend on customer acquisition.

Without attribution for calls, you can’t defend your marketing spend

Your ad budget is likely getting tighter by the day, so you have to prove the impact of every dollar that you spend. Without attribution for the phone calls your ads drive, you could be leaving up to half of the conversions you actually drive on the table. In today’s economy, tracking the outcomes of marketing-driven phone calls is not an option, because you can’t prove your effectiveness without it.  

How to Get Attribution for Every Call Your Campaigns Drive

Of course, we aren’t going to stand by and let you top your ice cream like it’s a pile of fries without stepping in with the proper chocolatey condiment—AI-powered conversation intelligence software. While you can’t eat conversation intelligence, you can use it to get attribution for every conversion your ads drive and prove the effectiveness of every dollar you spend driving leads over the phone. That’s some tasty stuff. Check out this video and read on to see how it works. 

Automatically track every phone conversion with Signal AI Studio

There’s no guessing about how many calls convert with Invoca call tracking. Invoca's Signal AI Studio is a revolutionary leap forward for call tracking and a game-changer for marketers using search and digital advertising to drive phone leads. It makes it easy to create custom AI models to detect the insights from phone conversations you need to fuel breakthrough search and digital marketing optimizations.

Custom AI models from Signal AI Studio can accurately detect virtually any insight or topic from conversations, including:

  • Caller Intent: Detect if the caller is a sales lead, current customer, new or existing patient, or job seeker
  • Caller Interest: Determine the specific product or service the caller is interested in, if they are looking for help with an online order, or need support with a product issue
  • Conversation Outcome: Detect if the caller made a purchase, booked an appointment, received a quote, or canceled a service
  • Call Events: Discover important events like if the caller asked to be called back or to speak to a supervisor
  • Voice of the Customer (VoC) Insights: Detect if the caller asked about pricing or a specific product feature, discussed a competitor, or lodged a complaint

This enables you to quickly understand the critical moments in each call that result in revenue-generating conversions so you can increase conversion rates, decrease acquisition costs, and reduce wasted marketing spend.

Watch this video to learn how it works.

Get 1-to-1 attribution for every phone lead 

Invoca gives you marketing attribution for the results of every call your campaigns drive with full visibility from click to call to conversion. Get attribution for every customer touchpoint that drives a phone call including paid search, display, social, website, email, and even offline channels like direct mail. 

Invoca’s easy-to-deploy website tag and dynamic number insertion technology make it simple to start tracking calls and get granular attribution data — down to the search keyword level — so you can see exactly how customers interact with your campaigns and website before calling. You’ll get data including keywords, landing pages, campaigns, and GCLIDs to accurately optimize your campaigns to drive more high-value sales calls.

You can easily activate this conversion data in the platforms you already use like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Adobe Experience Cloud, Microsoft Ads, and many more. Invoca even has over a dozen no-code integrations that allow you to activate data with just a few clicks.

Measure your true CPA with full visibility into call conversions

If your marketing is driving conversions over the phone, you need to accurately measure them and attribute them to your spending. With Invoca’s AI, you get full visibility into all of the conversions that are happening on the phone so you can accurately measure your acquisition costs and optimize your campaigns to drive more leads. Here’s how that looks:

Defend Your Spend and Prove the Impact of Every Campaign

With Invoca AI-powered conversation intelligence, you can get credit for every conversion that you drive, including the ones that happen on the phone. Whether the call comes from a search or display ad, social media, website, or even direct mail, you can get credit for the conversions and prove that your marketing spend is driving revenue. By integrating Invoca with your CRM, you can also perform revenue match-back so you can report on exactly how much revenue your campaigns are generating. Which can help shield your budget — and your team — from cuts. 

Get the Ultimate Guide to Reduce Wasted Marketing Spend to learn more about how you can use AI to do more with every marketing dollar you spend. 

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