How Marketers Can Improve Customer Experiences to Drive More Conversions

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How Marketers Can Improve Customer Experiences to Drive More Conversions

When you’re breaking down what impacts a campaign’s conversion rate, how often do the words “customer phone call experience” cross your mind? More or less often than “cheeseburger?” Given how hungry writing ad copy makes me, and how surprised marketers are when they see how much a bad call experience impacts their ROAS, I’m gonna say “cheeseburger.” 

The only thing that’s going to stop you from thinking about that juicy burger is eating one. So go grab your fave combo meal and read this to find out how you can get better visibility into the call experience to improve your conversion rate and boost your ROAS.

How a Lack of Visibility Into Calls Lowers Your Conversion Rate

Once you get a campaign running or update your website, you religiously watch digital metrics to measure its performance, right? But what happens when your campaign drives leads to call the contact center or business locations to make a purchase, get a quote, or set an appointment? 

It’s their job to convert the phone leads, so you can finish up your burger, wipe your hands on your pants and call it a day, right? Not so fast — your budget drove those leads, so you need to know the outcome of the phone calls.

Without full visibility into how the contact center or business locations are converting your leads, you only have half the picture of your marketing performance. Here are some of the issues this is causing and how it impacts your conversion rate and ROAS.

You’re not getting credit for all your conversions

If your campaigns are driving leads to the contact center and you don’t have visibility into call outcomes, you have no idea how many of them are actually converting. This means that you’re probably not getting credit for 25% or more conversions your campaigns drive. 

If you can’t get attribution for all your conversions, you can’t prove that your marketing efforts are effective, you can’t properly calculate your CPA and ROAS, and you can’t defend your marketing spend. When your media budget is under fire like they are today, you run the risk of it getting cut even further.

Broken online experiences raise digital abandonment rates

You may know that your ad campaigns or website visits are driving phone calls, and you may even know how many. But do you know why they abandoned the digital experience and called or what the outcome of the call was? If not, poor or broken digital experiences may be driving people who want to convert online to call. This is a bad experience for potential customers and it starts your relationship with them off on a bad foot. Even worse, many are also dropping off and never returning.

Poor call handling tanks your conversion rate

The experience that customers get on the phone is just as important as the online experience that preceded the call, if not more so. This is their first point of human contact when making an important and likely expensive purchase decision, and this call needs to inspire confidence and trust at every turn. If it doesn’t, it will tank your conversion rate and hurt your brand reputation. Without visibility into the calls your campaigns drive, you won’t even know it’s happening.

Confusing marketing messaging reduces online conversion rates

Is your marketing messaging resonating with your customers or confusing the daylights out of them? If you’re missing information that customers are looking for online or just messaging it in a way they don’t understand, it can cause them to call or drop out of the funnel altogether instead of converting on your website. This causes a double-whammy of lost conversions and increases acquisition costs by forcing customers to call instead of making it easy for them to convert online. 

How to Improve Experiences and Drive More Conversions with Conversation Intelligence

Because of the deep silos between the contact center, phone sales teams, and marketing, it can be difficult for marketers to get the data they need to improve online and call experiences. But it’s not out of your control. With AI-powered conversation intelligence like Invoca, you can get full visibility into every call and conversion that your marketing team drives. It also provides a shared dataset that can help these normally siloed teams work together. 

Here’s how you can use conversation intelligence to improve the full omnichannel customer experience and improve your conversion rates.

Get attribution for every conversion your marketing drives

When you use a conversation intelligence solution like Invoca, you don’t have to guess about call conversions anymore. Invoca Signal AI automatically analyzes all of the calls that your marketing drives determine the outcomes and give you 1:1 attribution for conversions, right down to the keyword level.

Invoca's AI-powered conversation intelligence gives marketers a full view of the funnel

When you know what’s driving conversions and what’s not, you can make data-based decisions on where to put your money. You can even automatically stream conversion data to ad platforms like Google Ads to improve your conversion rates and reduce your CPA. With full attribution, you can accurately report on every conversion, your CPA, and your ROAS so you know that you’re not selling yourself and your team short. And every decision you make is backed up with hard data — not assumptions.

Diagnose and fix broken online experiences

If someone has started their journey on your site and is still invested enough to pick up the phone, then they are either highly motivated to buy and want some human assistance to complete their purchase, or they’re frustrated with the online experience.

Learn about unknown digital CX issues by analyzing call transcripts

Analyzing call transcripts can help diagnose where and why customers are leaving the digital buying journey. And while no one likes dealing with someone who just spent the past five minutes rage-clicking, there’s a lot to learn from these less-than-happy callers. They may say things like:

  • “The promo code you sent me isn’t working”
  • “I’m so frustrated! The link on your site is broken”
  • “I keep trying to submit the lead form and it’s not working”
  • “I’m ready to refinance, but I need some help with the application.”

For businesses that are already tracking web experience analytics with platforms like Decibel or FullStory, you can also integrate that data with conversation intelligence data from Invoca to diagnose and fix frustrating website experiences and drive more high-value customers to the phone.

Improve call handling to boost conversion rates

When making high-stakes purchases like buying a car, applying for a mortgage, or even getting a new broadband internet plan, your customers likely want to call at some point. Using a conversation intelligence platform enables you to tailor the online-to-offline experience to make it as smooth as possible. By using data from the digital journey to route calls to the right agents, the customer gets a more efficient experience with shorter hold times and fewer transfers. 

Invoca PreSense can also provide contact center agents with context about the digital journey, enabling them to provide faster, more personalized service. All of this reduces friction and makes customers happier and more likely to convert. This means every marketing dollar you spend drives more conversions, more revenue, and more customer lifetime value.

Precisely tailor messaging to improve online conversion rates

The fewer questions leads are left with when visiting your website, the more likely it is that they will convert online. You can also make it easier for them to call at the right time in the buying journey — like when they’re filling out a form or have something in their shopping cart — so you can always meet customers where they are. 

With Invoca’s AI-powered conversation intelligence, you can listen to your customers at scale, and learn exactly how they talk about your products, what questions they have, and problems that they experience while trying to make a purchase.

Get insight into customer needs and how they speak about your products with Invoca Signal Discovery

Tools like Invoca Signal Discovery enable you to understand the trends in your customer conversations and uncover customer behaviors, motivations, and outcomes. You can view a wealth of conversation data that enables you to precisely tailor communications to meet your customers’ needs.

To learn more about Invoca’s solution, check out our Ultimate Guide to Conversation Intelligence. To see Invoca in action, request your personalized demo.

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