How Invoca Customers Use PreSense to Improve Call Experiences

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How Invoca Customers Use PreSense to Improve Call Experiences

Most calls that go into a contact center start with a website visit. Consumers usually begin their buying journey by going online to research a purchase, compare deals, look for coupons, search for a booking slot, and more. When they choose to make a phone call as the next phase of their journey, what will their experience be like? Will they be met with long wait times? Will they speak with an agent who can actually help, or will they need to be transferred?

When customers transition from browsing your website to placing a phone call, it’s a moment of truth for your company. Your contact center agents are the voice of your brand, and you need to make sure they make the right first impression. You want to leave your callers feeling they just had a great first date and can't wait to see how the relationship will blossom from there. 

Seamless contact center experiences can feel rarer than ever nowadays, with many companies cutting resources to conserve costs. However, study after study shows that the short-term savings companies reap from cutting contact center staff and lowering operating costs are offset by the issues these decisions cause in the long term. For example, take this statistic: a whopping 76% of consumers reported that they will stop doing business with a brand after just one bad experience — when it comes to the contact center, there’s little room for error! 

Companies that choose to invest in improving the contact center experience — rather than whittle it down to its bare bones — can reap incredible revenue gains. That’s because today’s customers demand the best. According to our research, 47% of consumers expect a high level of personalization when they call a business. They expect to be treated like a VIP (or at least addressed as one). They expect you to know who they are and what they want without having to tell you again, and again, and again.

To meet rising customer experience expectations, contact centers are investing in tools like Invoca PreSense. In this post, we’ll show you how PreSense works and how it helps industry leaders create seamless contact center experiences that drive revenue and build loyalty.

What Is Invoca PreSense and How Does It Work?

Invoca PreSense is built to reduce friction in the contact center in two ways. First, PreSense can dynamically route calls based on customer intent, and secondly, it can pass this intent data on to agents before they answer the call so they can pick up right where the customer left off.

Invoca PreSense automatically routes callers to the most relevant agent based on their digital journeys before they placed call — for example, a caller who’s started configuring a motorcycle insurance quote online can be routed to an agent qualified to handle these specialized policies. By getting callers to the right agent faster, you can reduce call transfers and abandonment, drive higher call conversion rates, and boost customer satisfaction scores.

PreSense also gives contact center agents insights about the caller’s digital journey before the call begins so they can serve them better. Just imagine the difference between hearing “Hello, thank you for calling, before we get started can I have your name?” and “Hi James, I see you’re looking for motorcycle insurance. I’ll happily get you into the right policy.” This level of personalization can eliminate lengthy exchanges that irritate customers, waste valuable agent time, and drive up costs. It can also be the difference between a customer leaving happy versus leaving you a one-star review.

Watch the short video below to learn more about how PreSense works:

How Invoca Customers Use PreSense to Improve Call Experiences

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what PreSense is and how it works, let’s dig into real-world examples of how Invoca customers are using it to improve contact center operations.


DIRECTV is a leading satellite telecommunications provider. Since its launch in 1994, the company has continually evolved its product, best-in-class content, service and user experience to provide customers with an industry-leading video offering. 

To provide the best possible call experience, the DIRECTV team uses Invoca PreSense to send its sales agents a screen pop with each caller’s digital journey information. The agents receive the screenpop just before the call is connected and it gives them valuable information like who the caller is, where they’re calling from, any digital ads they may have engaged with, the webpages they visited before placing the call, and if they’re a repeat caller.

With Invoca PreSense, the agents can understand the caller’s needs, pull up the relevant information, and tailor the conversation accordingly. For example, if a customer placed a call from the DIRECTV Sports Pack page, the agent would be able to proactively pull up information on the package, and prepare for questions about how the caller could bundle it with their existing packages. This creates a seamless digital-to-call experience that makes each caller more likely to convert.

PreSense also reduces call times which leads to millions in cost savings. How? Since agents already know the context of each call, they can jump right into the conversation. This improves efficiency and allows call center agents to handle more sales inquiries. Invoca PreSense helped the DIRECTV sales team improve their close rates by an impressive 110%.

Watch the video below to see what Mark Loovis, senior director of marketing technology at DIRECTV had to say about Invoca PreSense:

Read the full DIRECTV case study here

2. Vivint 

Vivint Smart Home is not only a leader in smart home automation technology. The company uses Invoca to personalize call experiences and improve conversations with customers.

‍When a call comes in, Invoca PreSense captures real-time insights about the caller including previous marketing engagements and demographic data. Vivint uses this data to inform their sales agents in real time. With access to their information, sales agents can tailor and personalize the conversation for each particular caller, making them more effective at closing sales calls. 

Invoca PreSense ultimately contributed to a record-breaking sales year for Vivint and helped it increase new customers generated by marketing by 76%.

Read the full Vivint case study here

3. Sylvan Learning

With more than 750 locations throughout North America, Sylvan Learning is the leading provider of personal tutoring and enrichment services for students in grades K-12. 

Sylvan uses Invoca PreSense to route calls to particular agents, and even tell them which keywords that caller searched — “math tutoring,” for example — through a voice notification or whisper message only agents can hear. This helps agents personalize conversations so they can better assist callers and generate more enrollments.

Read the full Sylvan Learning case study here

4. Viasat

Viasat is the world’s leading satellite broadband provider, offering communications solutions for customers who can’t be reached by traditional cable or fiber optic services.

While Viasat’s consumer targets are located across the country in rural areas not serviced by other providers, their ads were inevitably being served to those in metropolitan areas where Viasat does not operate. This was causing a high volume of unwanted calls causing increased hold times and a poor experience for both customers and agents.

With Invoca, Viasat saw an opportunity to fix the problem by prioritizing the highest quality leads as well as existing customers. They used PreSense’s advanced call routing feature to detect high-value leads and deflect unqualified callers. If the caller was known to be calling from an unserviceable area, they would be redirected to an automated message.

“Invoca eliminated the guessing game and really allowed us to see who was calling,” said David Salcido, Director of Digital Marketing at Viasat. In addition to the call routing, Viasat was able to further reduce unqualified calls from reaching their call centers by more precisely targeting their serviceable geographic areas with their online marketing.

With Invoca’s help, Viasat drove a 74% increase in handled call conversion rate. It also achieved a 452-hour reduction in handled calls per week.

Read the full Viasat case study here

5. C2 Education

C2 Education is a leading provider of test prep, tutoring, and college counseling services, with over 180 education centers across the US.

Before each call is connected, Invoca PreSense gives C2 Education’s contact center agents a screen-pop informing them of the location the caller is interested in and the marketing channel that drove the call. This arms agents with the insights they need to have more effective conversations with prospects.

C2 Education also uses Invoca to ensure callers are routed to the best destination right away. Now, when someone calls C2 Education:

  • An automated IVR qualifies the caller as a new lead or current customer.
  • For new prospects, the IVR routes them to the contact center for assistance.
  • For existing customers, if they called a local center’s number they are routed to that center. If they called a toll-free number, the IVR has them input their ZIP code and routes them to their closest local center.

Before Invoca, only 15% of the total call volume to the contact center was from prospects — it was a big waste of money and contact center resources. Now with Invoca, 50% of calls to the contact center become leads, with calls from current customers going to their local center. It’s enabled C2 Education to drive more enrollments from prospects, decrease contact center call volumes and costs, and provide better service to customers.

Read the full C2 Education case study here

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