Unify the Buying Experience with Adobe Experience Platform and Invoca

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Unify the Buying Experience with Adobe Experience Platform and Invoca

When your customers’ buying journey spans digital and offline channels, it fractures the data you need to optimize your marketing programs and create great buying experiences. According to Google, customers will interact with five or more touchpoints before filling out a lead form and several more before making a purchase. When they leave the digital experience and call your business, the data gap widens and you lose sight of what’s driving conversions and revenue.


This data gap is especially detrimental now that marketers are more reliant on 1st-party data following the third-party cookie and customer data apocalypse. You can’t afford to have an incomplete view of the buying journey, because it now makes up the foundation of your 1st-party data structure that you need to create seamless experiences, effectively optimize marketing programs, and maximize revenue growth.

To get a full view of your buying journey across all channels, you need to gather and unify all of that data. Invoca’s integration with Adobe Experience Platform allows you to do just that. Here’s how it works. 

Get a Complete Picture of the Buying Journey on One Platform

With Invoca’s Adobe Experience Platform integration, you can unify, standardize, and take action on all of your customer buying journey data in one place.

Create Seamless Cross-Channel Experiences

Today’s consumer expects brands to know them on a deep level, and that means personalizing their experience based on past interactions. According to McKinsey, 71% of consumers say they're more likely to purchase from brands that provide personalized experiences. If your marketing strategy includes personalization across every channel, your conversion rates and customer lifetime value will increase.

The best way to fuel personalization is with unified data about your customers that helps you understand their needs and what drives them to buy. Phone conversations are one of the most powerful data sources — in these interactions, your customers are telling you exactly what they want and how to make them happy.

With Invoca and Adobe Experience Platform, you can capture this valuable 1st-party data from phone conversations at scale and unify it with all of your other data sources. This allows you to create a cohesive experience across every channel the customer engages with. For example, you can pinpoint leads who called, showed intent, and didn’t convert so you can add them to your nurture stream or retarget them with tempting promotions. You can also suppress retargeting to customers who already converted on the phone so you can use that budget to drive new customer acquisition.

With this unified view of the buying journey from the first click to the final sale, you can create seamless online and offline experiences that will wow your customers. You’ll see how, why, and when customers leave the digital flow and place a call so you can drive more online conversions and give high-value leads the best experience possible when they call. 

Build Your First-Party Data Foundation

You’re probably collecting 1st-party customer data from your apps, website visitors, social media followers, email subscribers, transaction records, and phone calls. All that data can only have an impact when it’s unified and accessible so you can take action on it.

With Invoca and Adobe Experience Platform, you can collect, standardize, and take action on all of your 1st-party customer data in one place. Invoca’s conversation analytics AI collects rich data about your customers’ phone interactions including the digital journey that led to the call, product interest, conversion actions, and more. With Invoca’s integration with Adobe Experience Platform, all of the valuable 1st-party customer data that are generated across the entire buying journey—and across all of the platforms you use—can be easily accessed and put into action. 

Complete Conversion Data to Drive More Revenue

With Invoca and Adobe Experience Platform, you can track the outcome of all the phone calls your marketing investments drive to closed revenue — including if the call converted, and what the caller purchased. You can also integrate Invoca with CRM for full revenue matchback. This allows you to understand the true ROI of all of your campaigns and keywords for both online and phone call conversions. You can then allocate more of your budget to the campaigns and digital experiences that are truly driving the most revenue for your organization.

With complete attribution data for every conversion your campaigns drive—including those that occur over the phone—you can stream data to Adobe in real time to accurately measure CPA, improve ROAS, and make accurate, data-driven optimization decisions.

Enrich Customer Profiles With Offline Data

Your customer profiles are one of the best resources for 1st-party customer data. To make the best use of it, you need to include data from every possible source, including customer phone calls.

Using Invoca and Adobe Experience Platform, you can unlock a treasure trove of previously inaccessible data from customer phone calls to automatically enrich your customer profiles. You’ll get more detailed data about your customers’ interests, purchases, and other conversion actions that occur on the phone to complete the picture of every customer. Invoca’s generative AI can also automatically produce call summaries and send them to your CRM, giving you detailed insights about customer interactions with the contact center without adding additional post-call work for agents. You can stream this customer data to Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform or other CDPs connected to Adobe Experience Platform to get complete customer profiles.

Unify, Standardize, and Take Action on Customer Data

To make your 1st-party data as useful as possible, it must be standardized and stored in a platform that enables data to be shared across your entire tech stack.

Invoca for Adobe Experience Platform streamlines sharing call and conversation data with Adobe, your CRM, and many other pieces of your martech stack to build more complete customer profiles. You can take action on the unified and standardized data in Adobe Experience Platform in solutions like Customer Journey Analytics, Adobe Target, Marketo, Real-Time Customer Data Platform, and third-party solutions like Qualtrics, MS Dynamics 365, Zendesk, and many more.

Brands Get Results with Invoca and Adobe 

See how Invoca customers use Invoca and Adobe to drive measurable business results.

Viasat increased call conversions by 74%

“Invoca’s Adobe integration has really improved how we track the customer journey. If our web team sees a drop-off at any step of the buying flow, we can dig into Invoca to see why they’re calling, and address the issue. Having that visibility is key for us, and it’s helped us make the customer experience a lot more seamless.”

Get the full case study here.

eHealth decreased click-to-call CPA by 60%

“Invoca is an integral part of our tech stack that gives us the 360-degree view of the customer that allows us to deliver the experiences our customers want.”

Get the full case study here.

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