Healthcare Marketing Benchmark: Are Your Competitors Outperforming You?

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Healthcare Marketing Benchmark: Are Your Competitors Outperforming You?

The battle that healthcare marketers face to drive new patient acquisition is intense. You’re competing with other providers in tight geographical markets and patient expectations for the experience you provide are extremely high. Increasing consumer demands for great experiences are amplified in healthcare because their livelihood is literally on the line when choosing a healthcare provider. If the experience you provide does not lead the pack, you can’t lean on your patient’s loyalty to your organization — 32% of consumers say that they’ll leave a brand they love after just one bad experience.  

Healthcare Providers Must Use Conversation Data to Compete

While consumers will typically begin their healthcare buying journey by doing research online, the phone call is a critical piece of their selection process. According to the Invoca Buyer Experience Report, 67% of healthcare consumers are likely to call when selecting a provider.   

However, many consumers feel like they should avoid calling because they expect a bad experience.

And the call volume to healthcare providers is high, with the average Invoca healthcare customer receiving 27,000 calls per month and larger networks getting hundreds of thousands of calls. Hiding in those calls is a lot of data that can help you analyze and understand the behavior of your customers and determine the effectiveness of your marketing that drives the calls.

This is why many healthcare providers—some of whom could be your competitors—are using conversation intelligence platforms like Invoca to transform patient acquisition programs by uncovering who is calling and which programs are driving those calls and appointments. Using data from conversations with prospective patients, they can connect their digital marketing to appointments set, optimize their marketing to drive new patient acquisition, and reduce wasted spend to drive acquisition costs down. They’re also using conversation intelligence to improve the patient experience when they call their facilities and contact centers. Here’s how it works.

How You Can Use Conversation Intelligence to Outperform the Competition

Major healthcare organizations like University Hospitals, Banner Health, and CHG Healthcare are using Invoca to drive appointments up, acquisition costs down, and improve patient experiences. We’ve assembled this healthcare benchmark data so you can see if your organization is on par with other healthcare marketers who are benefitting from conversation intelligence.

Opportunity: Inbound Phone Calls Drive Appointments

Choosing a healthcare provider is a momentous decision, and most consumers aren’t going to click their way through the whole process. While much of their research is performed online, 88% of healthcare appointments end up getting scheduled by phone. The appointment calls that your marketing drives (or doesn’t drive) are huge revenue opportunities that you have to capitalize on because these calls convert faster and at a much higher rate than web leads do.

Challenge: Healthcare Marketers Lack Attribution for Appointments Set on the Phone

Of course, these calls also cause a data gap for healthcare providers. You can track clicks all day, but once a potential patient picks up the phone, you lose your ability to track the patient journey. Since most new appointments will be set by phone, it’s critical to attribute the marketing campaign, landing page, or even the keyword that helped drive the call. Without this attribution, you can’t optimize your campaigns, you don’t know what your true ROI or acquisition cost is, and you can’t diagnose why calls are coming in but aren’t converting. And you might be wasting ad spend on driving calls that don’t convert into new patients. 

Challenge: Identify and Convert High Intent Callers

With a conversation intelligence platform like Invoca, you can start to dig into the data to see who’s calling and why. Our data shows that 78% of appointment calls to healthcare providers are not from new patients. Knowing this about your organization can help you figure out if you’re wasting ad budget driving calls from existing patients. We also found that up to 59% of qualified callers don’t end up booking appointments, which could signal that call center agents need additional training. Another stat that ends up surprising many healthcare marketers and contact center managers is that more than a quarter of calls just don’t get answered, and that’s potential revenue down the tubes. 

What’s most dangerous is not knowing where your organization stands on these important KPIs. Because you can’t fix a problem if you don’t even know that it exists.  

Solution: Invoca Conversation Intelligence for the Healthcare Industry

With Invoca conversation intelligence for healthcare, you can finally measure the impact of your paid media investments, optimize your marketing, and provide a better patient experience. 

Measure Your True Marketing Impact

In order to accurately measure the effectiveness of your marketing, you need full visibility into the patient journey. You need to know how they discovered you, how they interacted with you, and ultimately, how and through what channel they became a patient. With Invoca, you can attribute appointments, new patients, and other conversions happening over the phone back to your digital campaigns to gain visibility into your true acquisition costs and the impact of your paid media spend.

Optimize Marketing to Acquire Patients

Attribute each phone call from the marketing source to scheduled appointments that happen at every facility so you can optimize your marketing, reduce your CPA, and increase your ROI for every marketing dollar you spend. Invoca’s industry-leading call tracking captures each caller’s information and the marketing channel, ad, keyword search term, website interaction, and other sources that drive each call. Make automated, in-the-moment optimizations to your campaigns to reduce wasted spend and ensure that every last cent of your media budget delivers measurable results for all of your providers and care facilities.

Convert More Callers to Patients

With Invoca, you can seamlessly route calls to the best agent, facility, or care provider right away to reduce transfers, decrease hold times, and convert more calls into appointments and new patients. And Invoca makes it simple for multi-location healthcare networks, hospitals, and senior care facilities to route calls to the right location every time. 

With Invoca PreSense, you can show contact center agents why patients are calling with digital journey data in a screen pop that appears before the call begins. This reduces call handle times and enables agents to focus on providing an empathetic experience and setting appointments instead of gathering basic patient information.

It also enables healthcare providers to optimize call routing using digital intent signals ensuring customers are connected to the most suitable agent, office, or specialist based on their specific needs.

For instance, a caller who’s started searching online for a provider to perform a knee replacement can be routed to an office or contact center agent that handles orthopedic surgery. By getting patients to the right office or agent faster, you can reduce call transfers and abandonment, drive higher appointment rates, and boost patient satisfaction across the board.

Healthcare businesses that utilize contact centers can also connect PreSense with Five9, NICE inContact, Genesys, Salesforce, Amazon Connect, and others.

Provide Superior Patient Experiences

Invoca enables marketing and sales teams to join forces under a set of shared data and metrics to create connected buying experiences that will improve patient acquisition rates and accelerate revenue growth. With the ability to connect the digital journey to contact center interactions and conversions, you can create the seamless experience your customers demand. 

Ensure 100% Compliance

Call compliance is critical in the healthcare industry and spot-checking calls can leave you vulnerable to liability. With Invoca you can harness the power of AI to automatically analyze 100% of your calls for compliance at each location and quickly identify interactions that need review and agents that need coaching. You can monitor how every provider and location is performing, and quickly dive into specific calls for review without waiting because call recordings, transcripts, and call scores are available immediately after calls end. Invoca is also HIPAA compliant with all call analytics features enabled.

How Invoca Ensures HIPAA Compliance  

Proper handling of your protected data is a top priority at Invoca. Invoca is HIPAA compliant and does not transmit PHI to third-party systems unless the customer explicitly creates such a data feed.

Invoca requires all HIPAA-covered entities to execute a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). This establishes a legally binding relationship that ensures Invoca’s collection of PHI is permissible and will not violate HIPAA. Invoca can provide and will sign BAAs with its healthcare customers to ensure compliance.

Case Study: University Hospitals Increases Appointments by 580%

University Hospitals is one of the top healthcare providers in the United States, with more than 200 locations and about 30,000 employees. It also receives over 400,000 inbound calls from patients per month. Making sure its patients are connected with the right doctors and facilities is an ongoing priority for the nonprofit organization.

University Hospitals implemented Invoca to increase appointment scheduling rates and get more insight into marketing spend effectiveness. Before Invoca, twelve full-time employees were spending several hours a week manually analyzing phone calls, pulling them away from their regular work. “This process wasn’t efficient or accurate,” said Noah Brooks, manager, digital engagement and analytics at University Hospitals. Check out this video to see how Noah increased scheduled appointments by 580% while improving the patient experience with Invoca. (He got a promotion, too!) You can also read the full case study here.

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