Everything marketers need to know about connecting phone calls with Google Ads

Did you know 70% of mobile searchers call businesses straight from paid search ads? Learn more about Google Ads and phone calls in this infographic.
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Everything marketers need to know about connecting phone calls with Google Ads

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Everything Marketers Need to Know About Connecting Phone Calls with Google Ads

About 70% of mobile searchers call a business straight from Google search.1 That’s why using call-only campaigns or call extensions in Google Ads makes a lot of sense. Here are some facts about Google Ads and phone calls that might surprise you.

1 Search Engine Watch, Sept. 2019

Google Ads Drive Customers to Call

Consumers who click on paid search ads aren’t just going to websites, they’re clicking to call businesses, too.

On average, over 80 million calls are driven directly from Google Search ads each month.1

2 Google, Conversational Sales: Driving & Measuring Calls, June 2019

People Trust Google Ads

People may generally find ads annoying, but most find ads in Google Search Results useful. 

63% of people would click on a Google search ad.3

3 Search Engine Land, 2019

Digital Customers Who Call Spend More

Customers are online doing research and comparing services. When they call, they mean business.

Omnichannel customers spend 7X more than online-only.4

4 Criteo: Global Commerce Review (US, Q4 2017)

Letting Customers Contact You on Their Terms Pays Off

Create friction-free experiences that allow customers to interact with your company in their preferred channel, whether that’s digital, chat, phone, in-person, or all of the above.

41% of global shoppers would rather buy from a company that offers a range of ways to connect with them, including calls.2

Mobile Shoppers Love Click-to-Call

Clicking-to-call is faster and easier than digging through a website, so it’s easy to see why mobile shoppers want to call businesses.

30% of users click to call retailers while searching on mobile for information about an item they’re shopping for.2

No Option to Call Makes Customers Mad

Never play “hide the phone number” to force people into eCommerce transactions.

52% of consumers feel frustrated and nearly one in five feel angry when a company only has automated communications with no option for a human interaction.5

5 Invoca/Harris Poll, May 2019

Search Ads Deliver More Than Clicks & Calls 

You don’t just get a good return on search ads, Google claims they can boost brand awareness, too.

Average return on Google Search Ads: 2 to 1

Up to 80% boost in brand awareness 6

6 Google, 2019

Businesses that Use Call Tracking With Google Ads Reduce CPA and Increase ROI

If you’re driving a high volume of sales calls with Google Click to Call or Call extensions, using call tracking software to optimize Google ads pays off double. Here are just a few examples of the ROI boosts Invoca customers have experienced. 5

Retail: YDesign Group - 37% Increase in Return on Ad Spend

Healthcare: eHealth - 60% Reduction in Click-to-Call CPA

Agency: Clearlink - 20% Reduction in Customer Service Calls

Home Services: 1800GotJunk - 20% boost in call conversion rate

5 Invoca Data, 2019

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