Invoca's AI-Powered Solution for Call Centres

See How Invoca’s Contact Centre AI Can Help You Improve Performance

Your contact centre is often the consumer’s first point of human contact with your brand. These are make-or-break moments in the customer journey. With Invoca’s AI, you can automate call scoring, routing, and post-call summaries, freeing up your agents to spend more time making your customers happy.

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“Invoca has been a game-changer for us. Our agents can see exactly where they’re falling off the talk track and get instant feedback on how they can improve. It’s helped us to double our close rate at the contact centre.”

-Mark Roblez, Director of Call Centre Operations at MoneySolver

Overcome Traditional Call Centre Challenges with Artificial Intelligence

Today’s contact centre faces a range of challenges, from high call volumes to long wait times to unnecessary transfers. On top of all that, many managers say they aren’t able to score enough calls to accurately evaluate agent performance. Leading companies solve these common challenges with AI.

Challenge 1: High call volumes and long wait times

Many contact centres struggle with handling their high call volumes and resolving issues in a timely manner. When customers have to wait for extended periods before speaking to a representative, it creates a perception of poor service and lack of responsiveness. Long hold times also increase the likelihood of customers abandoning their calls altogether, resulting in missed opportunities to address their needs and potentially losing valuable business. 

Challenge 2: Inaccurate call routing and transfers

Traditional systems often lack the intelligence to accurately route calls to the most appropriate agents or departments. When customers are routed to the wrong department or agent, they may have to repeat their issue multiple times, resulting in a waste of time and effort. Customers want their queries resolved quickly and efficiently, and inaccurate routing and unnecessary transfers hinder this process. 

Challenge 3: Lack of personalised customer interactions

Traditional call centres often struggle to provide personalised interactions due to limited access to customer data and inefficient call handling processes. Personalisation is crucial because it demonstrates that a business understands and values its customers on an individual level. It allows for tailored recommendations, relevant offers, and a sense of being heard and understood. 

Challenge 4: Difficulties with call scoring and agent assessment

In our recent study, 62% of contact centre managers said they can’t score enough calls to accurately evaluate agent performance. When you can’t accurately measure how well your agents are performing, it’s difficult to identify their strengths and weaknesses and coach them to their fullest potential. This can lead to subpar customer experiences and can allow bad habits to fester.

Features of Invoca’s AI-Powered Solution for Call Centrers

Intelligent call routing and easy-to-configure IVRs

Nothing frustrates callers more than unnecessary transfers — who likes having to repeat their issue multiple times to multiple agents? Invoca solves this issue with its intelligent call routing feature, which uses the caller’s digital journey information, such as the webpage they visited before the call, to automatically route them to the appropriate agent. This leads to shorter hold times, fewer transfers, and more satisfied customers.

In addition, Invoca offers IVR solutions which allow callers to self-route to their preferred destination. Invoca’s IVRs can be configured in minutes without IT support, and users can navigate through with them via voice as well as keypresses.

Call recordings and AI-generated call transcripts

Invoca works seamlessly with your existing telephony providers with no disruption, so you can securely record and transcribe 100% of your inbound calls. Invoca begins recording as soon as the call connects — and stays on the call no matter where it’s transferred to — enabling you to capture the complete caller experience, every time.

Whether you’re looking to review a specific call or trying to isolate calls that meet specific criteria, global transcript search and report filters make it easy to filter and find exactly what you need with only a few clicks. This makes it a breeze to locate coachable moments for your agents.

Don’t worry: Invoca’s proprietary algorithms automatically remove sensitive caller information, such as credit card data and social security number, from recordings and transcripts.

AI-powered call scoring and quality assurance

Manually scoring calls is expensive, time-consuming, and fraught with human error. To solve this issue, Invoca’s AI automates call quality assurance. Simply define your call scoring criteria, or select one of our pre-built industry scorecards that we’ve trained using tens of thousands of customer calls. The AI will then score every call according to your criteria and provide the results to agents and managers immediately after each call ends. 

By scoring 100% of calls with AI, Invoca removes bias and human error from the equation. Agents, therefore, can rest assured that they’re being fairly judged on the quality of their performance. In addition to improving close rates, this can boost morale and reduce turnover. 

Seamless omnichannel experiences with PreSense

Even before callers reach a contact centre agent over the phone, their digital behaviors reveal a lot. Invoca’s conversation intelligence platform tracks the consumer’s entire digital journey, including keyword search terms, ads clicked, and products viewed on the webpage. Invoca PreSense feeds this digital journey data to your agents via a screen pop before the call is connected, so they can personalise their interactions.

PreSense gives agents the context they need to provide a personalised, empathetic, and efficient experience for the customer. In addition, it can facilitate shorter call handling times, since agents can pull up relevant information proactively and dive into the heart of the issue without asking for context. This leads to happier customers, higher retention, and greater contact centre efficiency.

Transform Your Call Centre with Invoca's AI Solutions

Leading brands like AutoNation, Renewal by Andersen, and BBQGuys use Invoca’s AI to improve call centre efficiency and close rates. Learn how Invoca’s contact centre solution can help you automate call scoring, enhance routing, and deliver more seamless experiences.

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4 Main Benefits of Invoca’s Call Centre AI Solution

Benefit 1: Automation of repetitive tasks

Invoca’s AI-powered solution automates repetitive tasks such as call quality assurance, and can capture insights from phone conversations at scale. This frees up managers to spend more time coaching agents and less time listening to call recordings. 

Benefit 2: Enhanced customer satisfaction and experience

Invoca shows agents why customers are calling with digital journey data in a convenient screen pop that appears before the call begins. This allows agents to provide personalised interactions and bypass lengthy exchanges, saving time for you and your customers.

Benefit 3: Actionable insights to improve operations

Invoca’s AI can identify trends from phone conversations at scale so you can make the right operational changes to get ahead of common customer complaints, remove barriers to purchase, and improve satisfaction. 

Benefit 4: Increased agent productivity and retention

Invoca’s AI-powered quality assurance automatically scores calls at scale so you can give agents unbiased feedback about their strengths and weaknesses. This leads to more personalised coaching and increased agent satisfaction.

FAQs About AI For Call Centres 

How can AI improve call centre efficiency?

AI can automate routine but vital processes like call scoring in the contact centre. With real-time, objective call scoring generated by AI, agents are empowered to self-coach and improve their performance following every call. And because managers can review call transcripts, recordings, and scores after each call concludes, they can provide quicker feedback to agents, home in on teachable moments, and help their whole team become more efficient through more targeted, timely coaching.

Can AI improve customer satisfaction in call centres?

Contact centre AI solutions like Invoca help businesses automate call scoring, capture insights from conversations, and improve coaching processes. As a result, agents are trained more effectively, and are more prepared to answer customer questions and resolve issues. This leads to higher customer satisfaction as a result.

Will AI replace human agents in call centres?

The most successful companies use AI not to replace contact centre agents, but to complement them. AI can help automate routine tasks and answer common FAQs, but customers should still have the option to interact with human agents when they have more complex issues (or simply want to speak with a real person). It’s up to your business to find the right mix of automation and the human touch.

How does AI impact call centre analytics?

Listening to every call your contact centrereceives isn’t feasible or scalable. That’s why Invoca uses AI to analyse every conversation and identify trends at scale. This can help you discover common customer issues, areas where your agents are falling short, and phrases that your high-performing agents are using to close deals. You can then refine your talk tracks and coaching sessions to improve close rates and efficiency.

Can AI solutions integrate with existing call centre infrastructure?

Invoca is 100% cloud-based and can be implemented with easy-to-deploy tags. It layers on top of your existing infrastructure, so there is no need to alter or replace your existing systems. In addition, it provides seamless no-code integrations with your existing software tools, so you don’t need to reconfigure your existing workflows. Popular no-code integrations include Five9, Salesforce, Slack, Tealium, and more.

How quickly can an AI solution for call centres be implemented?

Because Invoca is 100% cloud-based and easily integrates with your existing software tools, you can get it up and running quickly. And because we offer pre-built AI scorecards trained on tens of thousands of customer calls, you can simply select the template for your industry and get started with our AI right away. Check out our blog post, How to Get Started Quickly with Contact Centre Conversation Intelligence, to learn more.

Is AI for call centres expensive to implement?

Contact centre AI solutions don’t have to break the bank, and many companies offer a variety of plans to fit your team size and budget. Check out our pricing page to learn more

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