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Atria Senior Living Uses Invoca to Improve Lead Quality

With Invoca, the team makes smarter marketing optimisations to drive more high quality leads
Atria Senior Living Uses Invoca to Improve Lead Quality
"Invoca tracks the quality of phone leads we're driving from our paid marketing channels — not just the quantity."
Amie Spellman
Director of Digital Marketing, Atria Senior Living

Atria Senior Living is one of the largest senior living providers in North America with more than 390 senior living communities in 45 states and seven Canadian provinces. Its marketing team uses Invoca to drive more qualified phone leads to its community sales directors at a lower cost.

"Invoca helps us understand common questions people have when they call in, such as 'How big are the apartments?' and 'What is the food like?'" said Amie Spellman, Director of Digital Marketing at Atria Senior Living. "We can then update the website to answer those questions so that leads are even better qualified when they pick up the phone to speak with us."

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