How Healthcare Marketers Can Succeed in a HIPAA Compliant World
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How Healthcare Marketers Can Succeed in a HIPAA Compliant World

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Sometimes healthcare marketing can feel like an uphill battle. Increasing pressure to drive higher patient acquisition, the desire to provide empathetic experiences at every touchpoint, and still feeling the after-effects of HHS regulations, often results in frustration and confusion. We’re here to help you get your mojo back.

We’ll cover:

  • Navigating the compliance landscape: HHS memos, HIPAA, BAAs and more
  • How healthcare marketers can safely and empathetically use first party data to succeed
  • Real world examples of healthcare marketing success and how to implement these strategies at your organization

This webinar will feature thought leaders from Invoca and Freshpaint, two solutions that understand this landscape and will provide practical solutions for navigating it. Rounding things out will be Invoca customer Nemours Children’s Health to share their experiences of exactly how they turned frustration into a 45% increase in marketing-driven leads, all while staying 100% HIPAA compliant.

Ray Mina
Ray Mina
Head of Marketing, Freshpaint
David Chase
David Chase
Director Digital Marketing & Consumer Engagement, Nemours Children’s Health
Ray Mina
Lyndey Brock
Director Account Management, Invoca
Ray Mina