Invoca Summit Speaker Preview: Getting Scalable Marketing Analytics Without a Data Science Team

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Invoca Summit Speaker Preview: Getting Scalable Marketing Analytics Without a Data Science Team

Invoca Summit 2019 is coming and the lineup is getting hot with a keynote from Shark Tank host and FUBU founder Daymond John, speakers from U.S. Bank, Frontier Communications, University Hospitals, and more. Today we’re giving you a sneak peek at the case study for Acadia Healthcare, who will be speaking at Invoca Summit as well. 

Acadia Healthcare is one of the largest providers of behavioral healthcare services in the world, operating treatment facilities in nearly 600 cities throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom. Their network of treatment facilities offers multiple population-based levels of care for various behavioral health and substance use disorders. Acadia’s patient-centered mission is focused around meeting the patients where they’re at in their treatment process. They do this by providing a multitude of levels of care, including detoxification, residential treatment programming, acute inpatient hospitalization, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services, and an array of outpatient programming options.

In Acadia Healthcare’s session at Invoca Summit, they will dispel the myth that you need a dedicated data science team to gather, analyze, and take action on marketing data from phone calls at an enterprise scale, and show you how operational savings, improved ROI, and ease of use can fit together. You’ll learn how Acadia optimizes the Invoca platform to deliver the data they need to implement scalable solutions for gaining marketing intelligence that improves ROI—without calling in the data scientists.

Why Phone Calls Matter to Acadia Healthcare

Acadia Healthcare has long been aware of the benefits of using call tracking and analytics for its marketing programs. Acadia has been tracking call data since 2013 when it was a medium-size business that had fewer than 20 facilities. “Phone calls are often the first person-to-person interaction that our patients or referral sources have with one of our facilities, so understanding and optimizing that channel is very important to us,” said Ryan Beagan, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Acadia. The company spends millions of dollars on advertising every quarter, driving millions of visitors a month with its marketing and advertising initiatives. “Nearly 90% of people who become patients end up calling at some point in their journey. It all starts with the phone call.”

Acadia’s Old Call Tracking Solution Can’t Keep Up with Its Growth

Their challenge materialized in early 2018. In the first quarter, they had a monthly average of 180,000 phone calls, which was around a 30% YoY increase. In addition to increased volume, they were also challenged by routing calls to nearly 300 facilities. “Our previous call tracking provider was a great partner for us when our business was smaller,” said Beagan. “As Acadia grew, we had difficulty scaling our call tracking platform — we were always pushing the envelope and driving the product enhancements, but we needed that to be more of a two-way relationship.” After an internal audit from A to Z, Acadia identified that they needed to substantially increase the operational efficiency of their call analytics efforts, as well as areas for quality and conversion optimization and that both needed to be done at an enterprise level and with scalability in mind.

Acadia Upgrades With Invoca to Get Enterprise Scalability and Ease of Use

“We were immediately impressed that Invoca was thinking the same way that we were and that they had solved problems that we needed to solve, and going a step further in tackling it at a multibillion-dollar enterprise level — like us,” said Beagan. Furthermore, Acadia selected Invoca because of the ease of use that it provides. In the dashboards, everything can be clearly seen at the “50,000-foot level.” Additionally, “with a couple of clicks, the platform becomes useful to the entire department that needs to see things at a more granular level for specific locations, regions, or any other way they want to cut the data,” said Beagan. After launching Invoca, call campaigns and the platform are managed by just two people, whereas previously it took 8 to 10. “We can now make changes to campaigns, like changing the routing number for a facility, within minutes instead of hours or days.”

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