Invoca Call Intelligence Suite

Invoca can help you with ...

  • Tracking

    Before the call, it's easy to ensure that any campaign can track the precise source of every caller.

    Create virtually any number of unique, session-based or static phone numbers that let you track exactly where calls are coming from. Right down to the individual keyword.

    Drop a phone number into any campaign, digital or offline. Simply drop in a small piece of code to your digital campaign or site, or use our out of the box integration to Tag Management tools like Tealium.

  • Automation

    As the call begins, you can be sure you're delivering the right experience for each caller.

    Get demographic details with data dips and get insights into caller behavior and preferences. See trends in day and time of calls, phone types, regions, and more.

    Set custom rules so the right callers get to the right place. Base rules on device type, day and time of call, new or repeat call, geographic location, source of call and more.

    Create custom phone menus and prompts that you can optimize in real time. Use text-to-speech or upload your own voice recordings to give callers the best experience.

  • Conversation Intelligence

    During the call, listen for the signals that matter most to your business.

    Invoca Signal is conversation intelligence that captures what happens on a call so you can measure the value of each call in an easy and scalable way. With the data you can prove ROI, define lead quality, track conversions and more.

  • Integration

    When the call ends, connect the dots between digital and phone interactions.

    Integrate Invoca with your existing marketing technology to get the offline data layer you've been missing. Tie call data to your CRM database, marketing analytics and automation tools giving you a true omni-channel view of your customer-views.

    Integrate conversation intelligence with your marketing automation to follow up with callers with relevant content and messaging.

The next call

As you plan for the next call, you'll know what's driving your best callers and how you can optimize for more.

Identify all the marketing touchpoints that are driving calls. See campaigns, channels, emails, content, media partners, and even keywords that lead to quality calls that convert.

Tie calls to conversions, sales, and revenue and integrate that conversion data where you need it.

With insight into which types of callers convert the best, you can score and optimize to drive higher conversion over time.

Access real-time call recordings.