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This year's Invoca Summit speakers inspired us to push boundaries and create exceptional customer experiences. Brands and agencies converged to share how they are solving some of digital marketing's biggest challenges around marketing attribution, digital optimization, and personalization.

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Oct 22 - 24, 2019
Santa Barbara, CA

Opening Keynotes and Presentations

Gregg Johnson, CEO, Invoca

Why conversations represent the ultimate source of customer data and insights

Gregg Johnson CEO, Invoca

Ian Dailey, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Invoca

Why it pays to attribute real conversions and not just count calls

Ian Dailey Senior Director, Product Marketing, Invoca

Melissa Reilly, Assistant Vice President of Digital Marketing, Elavon

How US Bank/Elavon creates closed-loop attribution using Invoca and Salesforce Sales Cloud

Melissa Reilly Assistant Vice President of Digital Marketing, Elavon

Ian Dailey Senior Director, Product Marketing, Invoca

Dave Walsh, President, Visiqua

How Visiqua leverages Signal AI to measure call conversions in real-time

Dave Walsh President, Visiqua

Ian Dailey Senior Director, Product Marketing, Invoca

Megan Messer, Global Product Lead for Calls, Google

Put your call data into action with Google

Megan Messer Global Product Lead for Calls, Google

Michael Seagraves, Senior Director of Digital Transformation, Dignity Health

Transforming the online and offline customer journey in healthcare

Michael Seagraves Senior Director of Digital Transformation, Dignity Health

Matt Wolf Director of Analytics, Dignity Health

Ian Dailey, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Invoca

Introducing Invoca’s new solution to scale and optimize local marketing efforts

Ian Dailey Senior Director, Product Marketing, Invoca

Gregg Johnson, CEO, Invoca

Uncover and understand your business’ most common conversations with Signal AI

Gregg Johnson CEO, Invoca

Featured Keynotes and Presentations

Amit Ahuja, Vice President, Adobe Systems

Delivering 1:1 personalized customer experiences

Amit Ahuja Vice President, Adobe Systems

Julia Stead, VP of Marketing, Invoca

How Progrexion uses call analytics & Adobe to optimize channel performance

Julia Stead VP of Marketing, Invoca

Kirk Nielson Director of Marketing Technology, Progrexion

Tina Moffett, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

How AI powers marketing decisions

Tina Moffett Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

Nathan Ziv, VP of Product, Invoca

Invoca product roadmap

Nathan Ziv VP of Product, Invoca

Keynote Panel

Attribution, AI, and the evolving consumer brand experience

Kalyani Anantatmula Senior Manager of Analytics & Architecture, T-Mobile

Ian Lurie EVP of Marketing Services, Clearlink

Tina Moffett Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

Stephanie Snow Director of Paid Search and Display, US Bank

"Invoca Summit provided the right balance between networking and educational opportunities. I left the event with a significant number of new ideas to share with the team that I believe will help us accomplish our mission more efficiently and effectively."
Melissa Robinson / Manager, Consumer Marketing Plymouth Rock
“The conference went beyond meeting my expectations. It was great to see so many different verticals all together with the same goal along with the interactions on how everyone leverages the platform. These conversations are priceless.”
Tim Mogler / Sr. Product Marketer / Mutual of Omaha
“The Invoca Summit is the one place where you can meet all the engineers and discuss new product features that would help propel your business forward. Invoca takes custom feedback seriously and it’s not uncommon for your items to appear on the next release.”
Michael Spadaccini / Director, Marketing Activation / Cancer Treatment Centers of America
“Invoca Summit allows us to connect to others in the space to truly get the pulse of the industry. We learn what Invoca is up to, where they are headed in the space, what brands are thinking regarding calls, and what industry pain points exist, further shaping our vision.”
Jamie Sutton / VP, Revenue & Product / Visiqua
“The Invoca Summit was AMAZING! Between the memorable experiences, you are able to get face to face time with the passionate staff at Invoca and other brilliant companies to hear more into their use cases with the technology”
Colleen Farrell / Manager of Retail Marketing / Starkey
Melissa Robinson
Tim Mogler
Michael Spadaccini
Jamie Sutton
Colleen Farrell

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Call Intelligence Awards

Pioneer of the Year - Starkey Hearing Technologies

Pioneer of the Year - Starkey Hearing Technologies

As one of the first customers to leverage Invoca Custom Signal AI, this company was able to:

  • Gain actionable insights to call types and outcomes with a 95% accuracy rate
  • Increase ROI by 26%, beating their revenue goal by 21%
  • Reduce cost of services to their customers by 66%
Visionary of the Year - Dignity Health

Visionary of the Year - Dignity Health

This company’s visionary insight helped Invoca shape several new features and enabled them in 2018 to:

  • Track calls to 300 clinics/hospitals and 15,000 physicians
  • Increase call volume 5x YoY
  • Strategize on implementing new Invoca features in 2019, such as Bing & Signal AI
Strategic Call Partner of the Year - Visiqua

Strategic Call Partner of the Year - Visiqua

One of the first Publishers to leverage Invoca’s custom Signal AI functionality, this company:

  • Leveraged the power of Invoca to scale their business and grew their PPC business by 5x
  • Increased conversion rates by more than 50%
  • Reduced CPA for a leading insurer by 80% through Invoca Real-Time Response functionality
Martech Integration Champion - Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Martech Integration Champion - Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Taking advantage of the complete value Invoca has to offer, this customer:

  • Uses 6+ Invoca integrations and plans to incorporate call analytics into their entire Maretch stack
  • Ensures their callers have an excellent customer experience by connecting them to the right facility and specialist in the most efficient and patient friendly way
  • Increased their call volume 26% YoY
Adobe Partner of the Year - Progrexion

Adobe Partner of the Year - Progrexion

This customer has proven a strong partnership with our joint partner Adobe by:

  • Working closely with Adobe & Invoca to consistently provide feedback for improvement.
  • Using Adobe Analytics as their source of truth, attributing 90% of calls back to online activity.
  • Optimizing their site with Adobe & Invoca data, resulting in a 19% higher conversion rate and 40% lift in revenue.
Influencer of the Year - University Hospitals

Influencer of the Year - University Hospitals

As an active Invoca advocate and influential Invoca thought leader, this company:

  • Was a Custom Signal AI pioneer, achieving a 94% accuracy rate on appointments scheduled
  • Increased call volume 16% QoQ primarily through use of Invoca Social and Invoca Signal suite
  • Was a thought leader throughout 2018, participating in speaking engagements, multiple sales reference calls and videos

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