CIS'17 Speakers
Congratulations to the winners of our 2017 Call Intelligence Awards!
CIS'17 Invoca Pioneer Award Recipient
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Frontier Communications

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With Invoca’s new Custom Data, this company:

  • Improved response rates by 66%
  • Increased sales by 50%
  • Decreased cost per sale by 58%
  • Generated $4M additional revenue with $0 extra cost, using micro-segmenting
CIS'17 Invoca Visionary of the Year Award Recipient
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Using Invoca for Facebook, this company:

  • Increased call volume by 63%
  • Reduced average CPL by 82%
  • Increased sales from call-generated leads by 35%
  • Increased revenue by 20%
CIS'17 Invoca Influencer of the Year Award Recipient
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Taking advantage of the complete value Invoca has to offer, this customer:

  • Drove 60% increase in call volume YoY
  • Was a leader in developing and improving the Adobe-Invoca integration
  • Was a thought leader at many events in 2017
CIS'17 Invoca Call Partner of the Year Award Recipient
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Connect Your Home

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Leveraging the power of Invoca to scale their business, this company:

  • Actively expanded their portfolio to grow revenue in new verticals, from satellite providers to financial services, insurance, and other home services
  • In 2017 added 27 advertisers and over 250 publishers
  • Since switching to Invoca, have increased billable calls by 21%, revenue per call by 14% while decreasing costs by 10%
CIS'17 Martech Integration Champion Award Recipient
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The Credit Pros

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With Invoca APIs, this company connected data across Five9, Salesforce, HasOffers and AdWords, resulting in:

  • Increased sales conversions by 37%
  • Reduced Cost per Seat by 32%
  • Reduced Affiliate Spend by 30%
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