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Invoca Summit Encore

Building a Measurement and Optimization Machine with Invoca to Power a Digital Marketing Intelligence Evolution

Less than two years ago, a majority of Viasat’s sales, marketing, and advertising happened offline. As Viasat engaged in an aggressive push to digital in order to expand its market presence and improve customer experience, it encountered a new challenge: measuring the effectiveness of its campaigns, proving the value of digital, and getting the data to optimize results.

In this session, you will learn how Viasat is using Invoca to continually evolve their digital marketing intelligence strategy to drive more qualified leads, reduce acquisition costs, and improve the customer experience. You’ll see how they went from mostly offline to full-bore digital in less than two years and how they use Invoca to power their marketing measurement machine.

You’ll also learn about:

  • How Viasat uses Invoca Signals to gain insight into what’s driving conversions and provide a level of reporting that they never had before
  • Using dynamic call routing to allow contact center agents to focus on callers that are most likely to convert
  • Using real-time data to automatically route and filter calls to increase conversion rates and reduce costly calls
  • Evolving your digital marketing intelligence with Invoca

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