Using call intelligence to increase response and conversion rates

This is the story of a marketing team’s commitment to making data-backed optimizations that result in more sales and happier customers.

The Hero

Taylor Rose, Director of Marketing Operations, at Vivint, a leader in smart home technology.

"If we could track it, we could optimize for it, but we didn’t have closed-loop metrics on calls."

Taylor Rose, Director of Marketing Operations

Results at a Glance

increase in inbound calls
lift in landing page call response rate
increase in new customers generated by marketing

The Mission: Increase sales through data driven marketing

Vivint Smart Home is not only a leader in smart home automation technology, but also leads the way in data-driven marketing. While Vivint helps homeowners create smart homes that simplify their day-to-day lives, Taylor Rose and the greater marketing team strive to make the customer path to purchase just as simple and intuitive.

The digital marketing team is tasked with guiding consumers down the path to purchase, taking into consideration where each consumer is in the process, what they’re looking to buy, and how best to communicate with them. What’s the key to their success? Rich, actionable marketing data.

Vivint captures tons of data about its prospects and tracks the success of its marketing efforts. The marketing team analyzes channel impressions, response rates, and every aspect of the web experience, including unique dimensions of web visitors such as device type, browsing path, user type and more. They use all this data to conduct A/B tests and optimize every step of the customer journey.

Vivint’s prospects often make a phone call to get their questions answered

Vivint’s prospects often make a phone call to get their questions answered

The Challenge: Test and optimize based on online conversions and phone calls

Vivint’s prospects often make a phone call to get their questions answered. When they do, they convert at a 30% higher rate than form leads.

Before using Invoca, Vivint was testing and optimizing to increase form fills, but they needed to connect an online interaction to the resulting phone call. The marketing team needed a way to tie phone calls to the marketing channel, web experience, entry page, or device type - all of which are used to create personalized customer experiences that result in more conversions. Without complete data, their decisions could have resulted in fewer phone calls and fewer sales.

"Our customers are increasingly researching for smart home solutions across multiple devices, and many times a call ends up being the fastest and easiest way for them to get answers before making a purchase. Invoca's integration with Salesforce helps us easily connect the dots from marketing campaign, to inbound call, to revenue. This kind of visibility enables us to invest more marketing dollars in the campaigns that are driving quality inbound calls."

Taylor Rose, Director of Marketing Operations

The Resolution: Use Invoca’s call intelligence platform to connect online and offline data

The Vivint team began using Invoca’s call intelligence platform for several of their online channels to get the call data needed for a 360 degree view of the path to purchase.

76% increase in new customers generated by marketing.

Using call intelligence to better understand how calls fit into the customer journey, the marketing team was able to accomplish two big things:

1. Optimize landing pages for more conversions
The marketing team used Invoca to get the multi-dimensional data they needed for visitors who filled out a form or made a phone call. For just one landing page A/B test, they were able to see that landing page A generated the most form fills, but landing page B drove 38% more calls -- and that translated to many more sales.

Not only could they conduct more powerful A/B tests, but they could also capture as many dimensions as they wanted about each and every caller and better optimize using that data.

Within two months and after a half a dozen tests, Vivint was able to increase its call response rate from its website by more than 70%, contributing to a 33% increase in total inbound calls.

2. Increase sales conversion rate with call data
When a call comes in, Invoca captures real-time insights about the caller including previous marketing engagements and demographic data. Vivint uses this data to inform their sales agents in real time. With access to this information, sales agents can tailor and personalize the conversation for each particular caller, making them more effective at closing sales calls. This shift contributed to a record-breaking sales year.

The Next Chapter

Vivint also plans on using Invoca to help scale and automate their customer referral program, which had previously been a very manual process. With Invoca, when a referral makes a phone call, their unique referral code is captured and the referring customer is given credit.

"Optimizing our marketing and sales funnels through Invoca is a major contributor to the success we’ve been seeing— we recently increased the number of customer accounts that marketing generates by 76% year over year."

Taylor Rose, Director of Marketing Operations

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