Using call intelligence to deliver a better customer experience

This is the story of one bank’s quest to create an exceptional customer experience in an industry plagued by distrust and impersonal service.

The Hero

Brennie Conkle, VP of Paid Search and Digital Capabilities at SunTrust Bank, an Atlanta-based bank that provides personal and commercial financial services.

Wait, why aren’t we tracking phone calls?

Brennie Conkle, VP of Paid Search and Digital Capabilities

Results at a Glance

increase in paid search conversions with 100% increase in mobile conversions
increase in call duration, indicating quality calls
average reduction in cost per conversion
increase in call center efficiency

The Mission: Deliver a superior customer experience.

Brennie is in an uphill battle to win the hearts (and business) of SunTrust’s customer base. When it comes to financial services, people are cautious and have sky-high expectations -- this isn’t like buying a toaster after all. A decision like taking out a mortgage is one of the biggest events in a person’s life. With these types of considered purchases, today’s customer wants options and services catered specifically to their needs. They want a one-to-one experience.

This means marketers have to know their buyers inside and out in order to deliver personal service every step of the way. Brennie realized she didn’t have a complete view of the customer or their path to purchase. Her biggest blind spot: phone calls.

Today’s customers want a one-to-one experience

Today’s customers want a one-to-one experience

The Challenge: Zero visibility into phone calls

In financial services, phone calls are a critical part of a customer’s journey. How many people want to fill out a 50 field lead form, especially if they’re on a mobile phone? They want personal service, and they want the option to call.

But Brennie and her team had no visibility into these interactions, and that meant she had no way to effectively gauge success of improve the customer’s experience.

"We didn’t know if people were calling for customer support or if they were new buyers. With over 100 products in our mortgage category alone, we had no way to tell what product callers were interested in. And we didn’t know anything about the journey that led to a phone call."

Brennie Conkle, VP of Paid Search and Digital Capabilities

The Resolution: Using Invoca’s call Intelligence to create a seamless omnichannel journey

Brennie began using Invoca’s call intelligence for their paid search channel to figure out what was driving phone calls and why people were calling. They soon discovered 75% of prospects that landed on their website preferred a phone call to submitting a web form. This opened up a whole new way of thinking.

75% of prospects that landed on their website preferred a phone call to submitting a web form.

Using call intelligence to better understand her customer, Brennie was able to accomplish three major things:

1. Drive more high-value customers
Brennie and the paid search team used these newfound insights to invest in the keywords that were most effective at driving new business - whether that was online or over the phone. Brennie took it a step further by not only tracking phone calls but tying them to actual sales using Invoca’s integration with Salesforce.

For the first time, Brennie and her team could see the entire customer journey - from keyword, to landing page, to phone call, to sale. Now she could optimize her bidding strategy to drive the calls most likely to result in a purchase. The result was a 50% increase in conversions from paid search and a 50% average decrease in cost per conversion.

These optimizations not only led to more conversions, they also led an enormous upswing in lead quality. Call duration has increased 300%, from four minutes to over 16 minutes, which indicates that sales associates are taking applications versus simply answering questions.

2. Create a seamless, omnichannel journey
Invoca retrieves real-time insights about a caller including their previous engagement history as well as the keyword and ad campaign that drove the call. Brennie leveraged this data to automatically route and filter calls so callers are sent to the person or department that can best help them. By setting up a few rules in the routing logic, calls are automatically routed to the correct department based on their product interest, and support calls are sent to customer service.

This custom automation has not only created a better caller experience, it increased SunTrust’s call center efficiency by 60%. This means that sales associates are now answering 60% more phone calls while maintaining the same staffing levels.

3. Increase business from mobile marketing
Brennie began using click to call in their mobile paid search ads as well as mobile landing pages to increase mobile conversions. With Invoca, she successfully increase mobile conversions by 100%.

The Next Chapter

Brennie’s vision for creating great customer experiences doesn’t end here. Now that she has increased call center efficiency and is driving more business through phone calls, her next step is to increase web conversions with personalized calls to action.

For example, if the visitor has called SunTrust before, that information will be synced with SunTrust’s real-time personalization platform and the visitor will see click to call buttons so they can engage over the phone - their preferred method of contact.

"With Invoca we’ve been able to evolve our digital marketing programs while maintaining the personal connection of a conversation, which we now know is a critical touch point in the SunTrust customer journey."

Brennie Conkle, VP of Paid Search and Digital Capabilities

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