2016 Call Intelligence Index Infographic

Digital Marketing Drives Calls

Overview: To show exactly how phone calls fit in the new omnichannel journey, Invoca analyzed 58 million calls from 2015 that spanned more than 40 industries. We found that across industries, digital marketing is driving more calls to businesses than ever before.

Digital Marketing Drives Calls

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Infographic Transcript

Section 1: We Live in an Omnichannel World
You can’t do omnichannel without calls. People are seamlessly moving between channels, online and offline.

  • 79% of people switch devices during a single online activity
  • 63% of people complete a purchase offline following online search activity
  • 70% of mobile searchers use the call button from a search ad

By 2020 businesses will get 169 billion customer phone calls from mobile.

Section 2: Customers Love to Call
People, even millennials, are calling businesses more than ever.

  • 42% of people pick up the phone to call a business at least once a week
  • 24% of people who prefer to fill out an online form
    65% of people who prefer to contact a business by phone

The average phone call to a business lasts 4 min 52 seconds

Section 3: Mobile Search Drives Calls
Now that mobile search has overtaken desktop search, more people are calling from search.

Mobile search is the #1 call driver

Section 4: Customers Calling Habits
Marketers are looking to phone calls for customer insights, capturing the Who, When, Where and Why for each phone call.

Monday’s receive the most phone calls in a week. 55% of calls to businesses happen Monday through Wednesday.

Consumers make the most calls from 11:00am to 11:59am during the week
On the weekends most calls occur from 12:00pm to 12:59pm

Men call more than women

  • 53% men
  • 47% women

Most calls come from mobile phones, but landlines still have a place
Landline vs mobile device chart

Section 5: Do you know who’s calling?

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