Invoca for AdWords

Seamlessly link your AdWords and Invoca accounts for the ultimate in paid search call intelligence.

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CPCs increased 7% from 2013 to 2014.

With rising CPCs, do you know your cost per call down to the keyword?

Invoca for AdWords allows search marketers to link call intelligence and paid search performance by hooking directly into AdWords. With a visionary dashboards and intuitive reports, Invoca for AdWords provides actionable insights into the search efforts driving consumers to call. Marketers spend less time analyzing performance and more time optimizing bids that drive higher call conversions.

Search marketers using Invoca for AdWords are able to:

  • Get accurate data with a direct AdWords integration, eliminating the complexity and discrepancies with the indirect method through Google Analytics.
  • Gather quick insights into the search efforts that cost-effectively drive calls with a visual dashboard and intuitive reports.
  • See average cost per call at the Campaign, Ad Group, Ad and Keyword level.
  • For a specific call, access detailed call data including the keyword that drove the call, start time, duration, and caller demographic information.

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“We love the new interface and the integration with Adwords data. It’s already saving us tons of time reporting out to clients!”

Dan Belhumeur
Account Manager, Wakefly