The only call tracking & analytics solution built for local agents, franchises, and dealers.

If you sell your products through a network of local sales representatives, agents, or dealers, you know how critical they are to your business.

A local presence means that you can offer your customers a more consultative and more personal sales experience.

But while this setup may be great for your business as a whole, it makes it challenging for your corporate marketing team to get the data they need to make the smart spending decisions that will increase revenue.

Until now.

US Map of local sales reps

Invoca’s new call tracking and analytics solution gives marketers rich call analytics and routing controls to make smarter optimization decisions and better customer experiences.

"We direct calls from our website to local retailers all over the country, and that makes it challenging to track sales that happen over the phone. With Invoca, we now have full visibility of conversion data from all our retailers, allowing us to optimize both our marketing spend and advertising campaigns."
- Ryan Freeman, Digital Strategist

Built to meet your needs:

Local Agents

  • Get detailed call data to understand the true impact of corporate marketing campaigns that are driving calls to local agents
  • Improve connection rates by easily managing call routing based on local agent availability
  • Understand conversion analytics for calls handled by local agents
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  • Ensure that callers are connected with the right provider during crucial decision-making moments
  • Tie every call back to the marketing source, regardless of how many destinations are in your network
  • Drive more high-value, high-converting leads
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Franchises & Dealers

  • Attribute call conversions from multiple locations back to corporate digital marketing spend
  • Prove value to preferred partners by driving quality calls to local dealers and resellers
  • Manage sophisticated call routing logic without tedious updates due to franchise or dealer changes

Branches & Stores

  • Leverage corporate marketing budget to drive leads to local stores and branches
  • Gain visibility into call outcomes, regardless of where the call is answered
  • Make smarter campaign optimization decisions to drive more revenue-generating calls

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