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What is Pay Per Call?

Pay per call advertising is a type of performance marketing where advertisers pay publishers for the quality calls they drive to the advertiser. In a mobile world, where more customers connect over the phone, pay per call empowers performance marketers to tap into these valuable interactions to drive more customers, more revenue, and an increased ROI.

How Pay Per Call Works

Invoca Powers Pay Per Call Advertising

Who Uses Pay Per Call?


With Invoca’s pay per call platform, advertisers can increase marketing distribution and get more of the calls that drive business, all while maintaining total control and visibility. With Invoca you can:

  • Create pay per call campaigns
  • Track calls to marketing campaigns and publishers
  • Manage commissions and monitor costs
  • Track partner performance
  • Control call treatment and routing
  • Access custom reporting and real-time analytics

Performance Marketing Agencies

Invoca’s pay per call platform is built for performance marketing agencies who want to increase inbound call traffic for their clients, without losing attribution. Invoca provides all the tools they need to offer pay per call services to their clients – the ability to manage publishers and lead generation partners, attribute calls to the traffic source and marketing campaign, and give clients access to their own custom call reporting.

Invoca helps agencies add value for their clients and get credit for the results.


Invoca integrates with the leading digital tracking and affiliate tracking software so networks can easily add pay per call affiliate marketing to their mix. Start tracking calls like clicks.


Pay Per call gives publishers the ability to drive call traffic the same way they drive online traffic. Publishers use offline channels such as print and radio as well as digital channels such as paid search, display and email. Calls tend to refer valuable, high-converting customers, so publishers often enjoy higher commissions and conversion rates for call traffic.

Pay Per Call Features

Campaign Management

Invoca’s pay per call platform makes it easy to manage everything from campaign and partner performance, to payouts, and ROI reporting. With Invoca’s campaign management, you have the controls to:

  • Create pay per call campaigns
  • Set payout terms and conditions
  • Upload creative
  • Assign tracking phone numbers
  • Provide affiliate/publisher logins
  • Pause or archive campaigns
  • Track campaign costs and ROI

Call Attribution

Invoca’s pay per call platform gives you the flexibility to track and attribute phone calls for your specific needs and objectives.

Unique tracking phone numbers are easy to generate and assign to a publisher and/or pay per call campaign. When a customer calls that phone number, you know the publisher or campaign that drove it.

Dynamic tracking phone numbers are auto-populated on a website or landing page and allow you to capture several parameters including:

  • Keyword
  • Click or campaign ID
  • Landing page
  • Cookie data
  • Any other unique sub IDs

Real Time Pay Per Call Reporting

Invoca’s pay per call reporting not only comes with complete call attribution, but it also shows who is calling and what is happening during those conversations. With each call you can capture:

  • Caller ID
  • Call duration
  • Day and time of call
  • Repeat vs. new call
  • Caller geographic location
  • Device type
  • Call outcome
  • Sale amount

Call Treatment

Use Invoca’s IVR (interactive voice response), real-time routing and filtering features to ensure each customer has the optimal experience, and you are maximizing profitable phone calls.

Invoca’s IVR lets you create custom menu prompts for a customized experience for callers based on their keypress responses.

Real-time routing and filtering lets you set rules and logic so each call goes to the right destination, and low quality calls are weeded out. These rules can be based on attributes such as the campaign that drove the call, time of day, the caller’s geographic location, and more.

Network users have the ability to set rules so calls are routed to the advertiser most likely to convert the call.

Pay Per Call Integrations

Invoca integrates seamlessly with performance networks, click and affiliate tracking solutions, data management and analytics platforms and CRMs. With these integrations, you get the data you need, where you need it so you have one complete picture of your campaign performance and the entire omnichannel customer journey.

Pay Per Call Advanced Features

Invoca also has advanced features that help advertisers, agencies, and networks drive and monetize more phone call by increasing distribution and reach with trusted marketing partners.
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