Call intelligence for better lead tracking and management

Invoca’s phone lead tracking empowers marketers to capture the entire multi-channel customer journey – from marketing campaign, to call, to sale. Now when a lead makes the transition from online to offline engagement, you’ll be able to connect the dots.

Track Calls Across Your Multi-Channel Marketing Efforts
Invoca connects each call to the online activity that led to the call including:

  • Referral source
  • Search keyword
  • Campaign
  • Landing page
  • Channel
  • Any other marketing touchpoint

Invoca can also tap into third party marketing tags and cookies to track the lead’s activity over days and weeks so when a lead picks up the phone, you can attribute it to multiple points of engagement.

Integrate calls into your lead management system

By integrating Invoca’s call lead tracking with your CRM, marketing automation, or lead management system, you get the full picture of your marketing ROI and your customers’ paths to purchase. Invoca links each call to the marketing campaign that drove it, then enters this information into your CRM or lead management system. By having call data synced with your leads, you will make more informed decisions. Follow up with prospects with highly relevant messages for retargeting and nurturing campaigns. See which marketing initiatives drive the most valuable phone calls so you can optimize your budget.

Inbound calls are an extremely powerful point of contact. Make sure you have the data to make the most of each conversation, and generate more of the conversations that drive your business.

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