Billions of calls, finally measurable.

Today’s customer journey is getting more sophisticated, and search marketers are feeling it more than anyone. Paid search efforts are driving consumers to jump across devices and channels - from search to the phone - and by 2018, it’s going to happen over 73 billion times. (BIA/Kelsey, 2014)

But while search analytics and bid management tools do a great job at tracking clicks, they weren’t built to understand phone calls. The result? Inaccurate data, bad decisions, and lost revenue.

Invoca for Search Marketers lets you measure the complete customer journey. You’ll get insight into which of your search efforts are driving people to call, so you can spend more effectively, drive higher search conversions, and even increase performance across other channels.

Call Intelligence for Any Search Platform

Invoca makes it amazingly easy to combine call intelligence with any search marketing platform.

Invoca for Search Marketers includes:

Dynamic Phone Numbers

Use unique phone numbers to tie call conversions to the keywords that drove them.

Intelligent Journey Triggers

Automatically trigger the next best interaction in any other channel.

Organic Search Attribution

Attribute calls to organic SEM efforts like content marketing and social media.

Call Conversion Reporting

See which campaigns, ad groups and keywords are driving call conversions.

Call Reporting

Get detailed reporting, including: time of call, caller ID, caller type, and more.

Call Recording

Listen to every call conversion with call recordings.

Invoca Signal

Get conversation intelligence with visibility into the keywords or phrases said during the call.

Closed-Loop Revenue Reporting

Tie actual revenue generated to the call and keyword that drove it.

Bid Management Integrations

See your click and your call performance within a single view.

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“Invoca brings detailed call analytics to Kenshoo's search marketing dashboard. Having a complete online to offline picture makes keyword bidding algorithms more effective and measuring true keyword and campaign ROI possible. The result is powerful optimization.”

Paul Wicker
Director of Product, Kenshoo

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