Invoca for Salesforce

Intelligence to drive more of your best converting leads: inbound phone calls.

It’s clear. Calls beat clicks.

Ask any sales rep if they prefer an inbound call or an online lead and you’ll get the same answer every time - calls beat clicks. Why?

Only one out of every 350 online leads ever turns into a sale. But when you get an inbound call, it converts at 10-15x the rate of an online lead, while purchasing at a higher average order value.

Invoca for Salesforce gives you the tools you need to drive and convert more of the high-converting inbound calls your sales reps want.

Call attribution for marketing.
Conversation intelligence for sales.

  • Uncover which campaigns drive calls

    Invoca for Salesforce links high-converting inbound calls to the marketing campaigns that drive them, so you can focus your spend on what’s actually driving revenue.

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  • Prioritize and score inbound calls

    Arm your inside sales team with data about each caller so they can focus on the leads that matter. Create lead scores based on the content that drove the call, and even tap rich third-party data sources to enhance lead profiles as calls come in.

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  • Get in on the conversation

    Keep a recording of each call, and even automatically listen for and track key words and phrases said in every conversation. Uncover what drives success so you can arm your team with the tools they need to convert on every call.

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Invoca for Salesforce includes:

Automatic Lead Creation

Every inbound call creates a lead, cutting unnecessary work for your sales team.

Enhanced Caller Profiles

Tap external data sources for critical information on calls as they come in.

Intelligent Call Routing

Direct callers to the right rep to convert every inbound call.

Conversation Intelligence

Analyze every conversation for key words and phrases to arm your team with the messaging to convert every inbound call.

Phone Call Attribution

Understand which campaigns are driving calls. Get credit for the spend that works, and optimize to drive more.

Marketing Technology Integration

Integrate with technology like marketing automation platforms and bid management solutions to track and optimize the entire customer journey.

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Learn how Invoca for Salesforce can accelerate your revenue:

“Invoca are the clear leaders in call analytics. Invoca for Salesforce gives us detailed visibility into our inbound call performance so we can make better decisions about which marketing campaigns to invest in. The Invoca platform gives us the tools we need to achieve higher ROI faster, and their product roadmap makes us confident we can continue to grow our program long into the future.”

Ashley Halverson
Director of Marketing, Goji