Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Enhance the customer journey with complete visibility into calls from email.

Marketing Cloud, meet calls.

Invoca’s integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the only solution to deliver full visibility into calls from email. By integrating call conversion analytics with your email program you deliver more engaging journeys without sacrificing the attribution data you need to make smarter marketing decisions.

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The only call tracking solution for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Calls convert at 10x the rate of clicks, but until now, email marketers haven’t been able to tie phone call conversions back to the emails that drove them. Invoca gives you call attribution so you understand how your emails are driving results with both clicks and calls.

  • 1:1 visibility into call conversions from email
  • Device-aware click-to-call for mobile email
  • Display unique, trackable phone numbers within emails viewed on desktop

Customer Profiles

Personalized marketing drives better results. Integrated call analytics from Invoca enhances your customer profiles so you can improve segmentation within Audience Builder. For the first time you can get:

  • Visibility into calls and their outcomes
  • Demographic data on inbound callers
  • Insight into key spoken words during calls


Your customers move seamlessly between devices, channels, and media. Ensure their journey is personalized and consistent no matter where customers interact by integrating call analytics data with Journey Builder to bridge the online-offline divide.

  • Trigger journeys based on inbound calls from email
  • Deliver journeys that adapt to caller behavior
  • Improve conversions with insight into customer conversations

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“Calls have traditionally been a blind spot for email. With Invoca, the fact that we can now get call intelligence integrated into email marketing, creates a new opportunity to dramatically improve ROI while delivering a better experience for our customers."

Andrew Carlson, Senior Marketing Director

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