Bing Ads & Invoca Call Tracking

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Tap into 6 billion monthly searches.

Invoca’s integration with Bing Ads lets you measure and attribute conversions happening over the phone to search ads served across Bing, Yahoo, AOL and other sites within the Bing Network. With this information in hand, you can see exactly how your search efforts are driving results.

Spend more effectively and drive more conversions.

Search marketers using Invoca's Bing Ads integration can:

  • Report calls and call outcomes as "offline conversions" in real-time within the Bing Ads platform.
  • Attribute call conversions at the keyword, ad, ad group, and campaign levels.
  • Achieve a full view of their campaign results by seeing online and offline interactions side-by-side.

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Invoca makes it amazingly easy to combine call intelligence with any search marketing platform.

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