With Invoca Call Tracking, You Always Know What’s Driving Calls

The Call Tracking Solution for Digital Marketers

Today’s marketers are driven by data. The challenge is understanding your customers’ behavior as they move offline. Call tracking bridges the gap by showing marketers all the touchpoints that led to a phone call.

Invoca’s AI-powered call tracking and analytics platform tracks the entire customer journey before, during, and after the call. Invoca integrates with your marketing tech stack so you can use these insights to automate and optimize every step of the customer journey.

Track Calls to Optimize Marketing Performance

When you know what is driving calls, you have the insight to measure marketing performance and make powerful optimizations across all marketing channels. Call tracking allows digital marketers to see how phone calls fit into the entire customer journey.

With Invoca, you can tie each call to the marketing touchpoint that drove it including:

  • Search Keyword
  • Campaign
  • Landing Page
  • Channel
  • Referral Source and URL

Call Tracking and Analytics Benefits

Invoca gives marketers greater visibility into the performance of their marketing campaigns by measuring, automating, and optimizing call data like they do with clicks. Call tracking makes it possible for marketers to understand the complete picture of their marketing performance and the customer journey.

With call tracking, marketers can:

  • Optimize Campaign Performance
  • Personalize Caller Experience
  • Enhance Every Digital Action
  • Expand Audience Reach

Invoca Call Tracking Features

Invoca’s call tracking and analytics platform gives you deep insights into your customers — their behavior, preferences, and path to purchase. Rich call analytics give you access to valuable call intelligence data that puts calls in the bigger context of the customer journey, so you can see how each phone call contributes to overall revenue.

With Invoca, you have the extra data layer you need to make powerful optimizations to your marketing spend and campaigns.

  • Dynamic Number Insertion: Auto-populate your website and emails with unique session-based phone numbers that capture the activity of your users. Anytime a prospect visits your website or opens your email and makes a call, you’ll know the keyword, ad,  and referral source that led to the call.
  • Signal AI: Our machine learning algorithms analyzes live phone conversations to understand caller intent and outcomes. As these caller data points and outcomes are identified, a signal is automatically triggered in Invoca, providing real-time conversion and optimization data. Marketers can utilize these insights to make smarter decisions on everything from PPC bidding strategy to digital retargeting audiences.
  • Customer Profiles: Get detailed information about your callers including demographic data and previous engagement history.
  • Custom Call Treatment: Set rules to filter and route callers so each caller gets to the right place. Route calls based on time, caller location, phone type, repeat call, caller intent, and any other criteria that makes sense for your business.
  • Integrations: Integrate your call tracking metrics with your other analytics, automation and lead management systems like Adobe Experience Cloud, Google Analytics, Salesforce Marketing or Sales, Facebook, Optimizely, Kenshoo and more. By adding call analytics to your digital dashboard, you’ll have the extra layer of data to accurately measure marketing performance, optimize campaigns, and connect with prospects and customers in more relevant ways.

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