What to Know Before You Go to Invoca Summit

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What to Know Before You Go to Invoca Summit

Invoca Summit is almost here! Are you prepared for the virtual event of the year? Got a case of ice-cold sparkling water? Check. Wearing your best company logo t-shirt? Check. Hair looks as good as it can for not having been cut or colored for seven months? Good enough, check. Did you actually remember to register? Check and check! 

While all of this is important, we want to make sure you get the most out of the event, so here’s everything you need to know before you go (to your home office) for Invoca Summit. 

1. Lock in Your Agenda Now

To make sure you can block off time on your calendar, register for all of the sessions you want to attend now. Plus, virtual events are supposed to be more relaxing than the in-person conferences, so you don’t want to make yourself scramble to register five minutes beforehand. Can’t decide which ones to attend? (I know, they’re all so awesome!) No worries, here are some suggestions: 

To register for sessions, click the View Full Agenda link from your Summit Confirmation email. There you’ll see all sessions available and you can filter to see which you’re registered for. If there’s an additional session you’d like to add, click the Save Seat option, and you’re set! While you’re there, it’s also a good idea to add the session to your calendar for helpful reminders. 

If you haven’t signed up for Summit yet, visit the Summit site to register, and you’ll be able to select your sessions using the Session Selector tool at the end of the registration form. You can also return using the link in your confirmation email to add more sessions to your agenda.

2. Take Advantage Of Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Networking is one of the most compelling reasons to attend a conference, so we’ve made sure to make it a big part of our virtual experience. Since you can’t just walk around the halls scoping out name tags, we’re using Braindate to give you the opportunity to meet, connect, and learn from a massive pool of marketing peers and pros, including some of our Summit speakers!

Don't worry, these aren’t long, formal (read: boring) meetings. You have the option to sign up for 1:1 and group Braindates by either browsing existing topics and signing up for the ones that catch your eye. You can also create your own topic, invite people to join, and get it out there for others to discover. Braindate will be available every day of Summit, starting October 20.

Click here to log into Braindate to meet, connect, and learn with other attendees. And don’t forget to update your Braindate profile with your interests so that the system can curate topics that are relevant to you and to facilitate other attendees connecting with you. Haven’t registered? Click here to do so now. 

3. Don’t Miss Out on the Prizes!

Okay, maybe networking is the #2 reason for attending conferences, right behind the swag. We gotta get new travel mugs somehow, right? To maximize your prize-winning potential at Invoca Summit, show up early and stay until the end of each session. You’ll learn something new and might win a door prize for showing up to sessions! Winners will be announced via email at the end of each day. Keep an eye on your inbox!

4. Conference Best Practices and Etiquette Still Apply (Kind of)

Standard-issue conference rules still apply. Don’t be a jerk. Keep your commentary productive. If you drink too much, go hide in your room so you don’t become a sordid Summit story. But being a virtual conference, some rules are a little different. Here are some best practices: 

  • Dress code: It’s October, so Halloween costumes are appropriate and kind of expected. Don’t be surprised if you get an Invoca demo from Batman. Pajamas are cool, but maybe consider ironing them to make them formal PJs. Are you more comfortable in a tuxedo? That’s weird, but we’re not going to judge you for being fancy. Just don’t forget to put that pinky out when tipping back your LaCroix.
  • Do all the things: Make the most of Summit and attend as many sessions as you can. It’s still good to stay until the end of every session not just because it’s polite, but you know the good stuff is always at the end! And it assures you're eligible for the door prizes.
  • Network: Then network, network, and network some more. Remember how you got your job? That’s right — networking!

5. Having Trouble Despite All This Great Advice?

Can’t find the session you swear you registered for? Having technical issues? Want to know if your robe clashes with your slippers? We’re here to help. Here’s how to get in touch: 

  • Email: summit@invoca.com 
  • Engage with our Support Chat Bot during Summit on the bottom right side of the screen
  • Chat with us in the Q&A box on the right side of the media player during sessions

We hope to see you there and that you have an amazing experience at Invoca Summit! 

Click here to register free for Invoca Summit on-demand content. 

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