Meet the Speakers Making Invoca Summit 2019 a Can't-Miss Event

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Meet the Speakers Making Invoca Summit 2019 a Can't-Miss Event

It’s October, which means three things: 1) You won’t be able to escape pumpkin spice. 2) It’s time to finalize your team’s Halloween costume theme. 3) Invoca Summit is almost here!

That’s right, everyone’s favorite marketing conference is right around the corner — October 22-24 in Santa Barbara, CA. Invoca Summit is three days of learning from leaders and strategists in paid media, conversational analytics, marketing analytics & attribution, customer experience, and affiliate marketing. These marketing leaders are from industries including financial services, healthcare, insurance, home services, telecommunications, marketing services, agencies and more. 

You’ll walk away from Invoca Summit with:

  • Strategies and tips to focus your marketing spend on revenue-generating sales calls and analyze how your advertising dollars are impacting service calls
  • A roadmap for how best-in-class marketing organizations use call tracking and analytics to optimize their digital advertising spend, drive more sales calls from marketing campaigns
  • New ways to analyze valuable customer data from phone calls, and practically apply these insights to drive more effective marketing

And, you get to soak up all this knowledge across the street from the sunny beaches of Santa Barbara! 

Pack your laptop, flip flops, and sunglasses — and let’s do this! Register here, bring two co-workers or friends and get 50% off.

Alright, alright, you’re sold. But your boss still needs convincing? Or maybe you’re your own boss and your skeptical side needs a bit more persuasion? We’re here to help. 

You can’t afford to miss Invoca Summit this year, and here’s why:

Learn from experienced marketing leaders and strategists

Hear from leaders at U.S. Bank, Frontier Communications, Acadia Healthcare, University Hospitals, and other innovative companies across telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, and affiliate marketing. See more speakers here.

Speakers will cover strategies in paid media, call tracking and analytics, marketing attribution, customer experience, and affiliate marketing. Learn the latest-and-greatest on these topics in-depth breakout sessions, and get high-level strategies from keynotes.

There will also be product-focused keynotes, where successful Invoca customers share their strategies for using call data to improve marketing results and deliver a better customer experience.

Speakers you'll learn from at Invoca Summit include:

Keynote Speaker: Noah Brooks, Manager, Analytics & Strategy at University Hospitals
Noah is the manager of analytics and strategy at University Hospitals, one of the nation’s leading health care systems with over 200 locations and 30,000 employees. With over a decade of experience in several industries, he is tasked with using technology to reduce friction in the patient journey, measuring the impact of marketing efforts and delivering actionable insights.

Keynote Speaker: Michelle Cody, Digital Marketing & Strategy Executive at Rogers Communications
Michelle Cody is a seasoned executive with a proven track record of helping start-ups and established businesses embrace change to grow and creatively disrupt markets.  Her expertise in business planning and strategy development is grounded in a desire to better understand the customer.

Today, she is leading transformational change in marketing at Rogers for Business.  Delivering a lead generation capability to enable our sales channels and support the buying journey and life cycle management of customers cost-effectively.  To do this, she has influenced her peers within the organization to think differently about how we work.  She values people and her team has been recognized as “world-class”.

Keynote Speaker: Roz-Linn Finn, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Navistar
Roz-Linn Finn is a zealous marketer focused on driving results through creating a complete customer experience. Currently at Navistar, a fortune 300 company in the manufacturing industry, Roz was the 2019 DMN’s Woman of Femme Inductee and Woman to Watch in marketing. With her passion for digital marketing, she ultimately creates demand generation using a Test & Learn Methodology to drive results through data.

Breakout Speaker: Nick Cooper, Media Analytics, Frontier Communications
Data geek meets behavioral science nerd meets design enthusiast. Nick Cooper is passionate about efficiency in all spheres in order to glean insights from data and guide strategy. Nick’s varied background in data analytics and engineering, marketing, computer science, and a healthy dose of eternal optimism allows him to view challenges through many lenses and create the best solution.

Breakout Speaker: Mary Roberts, Senior Director, Marketing at 1st Franklin Financial
At 1st Franklin, Mary oversees online marketing efforts, lead generation, branch marketing, brand/creative development, and the external call center. Prior to joining 1st Franklin Financial, she was the Product Marketing Director for Time Warner Cable’s Intelligent Home service. Her experiences on both the advertising agency and client-side has given her a unique perspective that blends the strategic and the creative and a wealth of practical knowledge that gets results.

Breakout Speaker: Cody Holm, Digital Marketing Lead, DISH
Cody Holm is a Digital Marketing Lead at DISH, overseeing the paid search strategy for DISH’s acquisition programs. Since 2017, DISH’s non-brand paid search program has increased efficiency by 500% while maintaining prior years’ scale. Prior to DISH, Cody led key digital and direct response programs at Kohl’s Corporation and Raise Marketplace.

Breakout Speaker: Amanda Sloan, Director, Marketing at Acadia Healthcare
Amanda Sloan is Director of Marketing for Acadia Healthcare, an international behavioral healthcare company that serves patients in nearly 600 locations. Amanda joined Acadia over a year ago, bringing more than a decade of successful marketing experience in the retail and publishing industries. With extensive leadership experience and strong analytical skills, Amanda implements innovative ideas and strategies, ensuring positive collaboration across all departments.

Get practical tactics and strategies for your day job

Breakout sessions will feature experts in marketing and cover strategies and tactics that can transform your day job.

Sessions you can attend at Invoca Summit include:

How Embracing Automation Helped Dish Network Drive Profitable Growth
Cody Holm, Digital Marketing Lead, Dish Network
Elizabeth Capezio, Team Lead, Large Customer Sales, Telecom, Google

How can a well-established Fortune 500 company continue to drive profitable subscriber growth? By embracing data-driven automation, machine learning, and a long-term perspective on customer lifetime value. In this session, you'll learn from the paid search experts at Dish Network and Google about how the television service provider rethought their goals, marketing priorities, and measures of success — turning to Invoca signals and Google Smart Bidding — in order to achieve a 500%+ lift in return-on-ad-spend.

The Expected And Unexpected Benefits Of Implementing Call Tracking
Keith Calleja, Vice President of Digital Marketing, Elavon/US Bank
Moderator: Stacey Watkins, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Invoca

When Elavon, a B2B merchant services division of US Bank, implemented Invoca they had a clear idea of what to expect: improved paid search results and higher lead volumes, powered by integrations with Google, Bing, and Salesforce. What they didn't expect was how call analytics would help to break down silos, increase data sharing, and open their eyes to new opportunities for internal collaboration. Come to this session to hear about how Elavon is building stronger ties between digital marketing and inbound sales, while delivering better results than ever before.

How To Get Scalable, High-Return Marketing Analytics Without A Data Science Team
Ryan Beagan Vice President of Marketing, Acadia Healthcare
Amanda Sloan Director of Marketing, Acadia Healthcare
Moderator: Angelique Davis Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Invoca

Many marketers think they need to have a full data science team to gather, analyze, and take action on data from phone calls. In this session, Acadia Healthcare dispels this myth and shows you how Acadia surfaces the enterprise-level data they need to implement scalable solutions for gaining marketing intelligence that improves efficiencies and ROI — without calling in the mathematics PhDs.

Hear from marketing pioneer and innovator Daymond John

Get inspired by our stellar featured keynote speaker — Daymond John, star of Shark Tank and CEO of FUBU Clothing. From humble beginnings to a self-made multimillionaire, Daymond John is the embodiment of a sleek new American Dream. Hear how he built an empire on innovative marketing, branding, and business strategies. Learn more about Daymond’s keynote here.

Become an expert marketer in Learning Labs

Attend Learning Labs to grow your skillset and bring back new ideas to your day job. Here are a few of the labs you can join:

Deep Dive Into Invoca Reporting Suite:
Learn about how you can best analyze the data captured in the Invoca reporting suite to create reports that matter to your business.

Define And Measure Conversions With Invoca Signals:
How do you define conversions? Get your black belt in signals by learning about all the ways you can measure conversions — from API to predictive AI.

A Crash Course On 2019’S Newest Features:
Make sure you’re taking advantage of Invoca’s latest technology! Get hands-on with our newest features.

Advanced Tools Made Simple With The Invoca Tag And Marketing Data:
Are you capturing the right granularity of data? Discover how these features are helping brand marketers capture more data than ever while reducing platform setup and management complexity.

Driving Revenue For You And Your Partners With Invoca Bundled Campaigns:
Advertisers want the best prospects and callers expect a great customer experience. Invoca bundled routing helps you connect callers to the right buyers while driving more revenue for you and clients.

Spend three days in a dream destination

Is it already rainy, snowy, or just plain icky weather where you are? Come enjoy sunny October Santa Barbara weather! We’ll be hosting golfing, surfing, and a food ‘n wine tour on the final day so you can unwind and experience the best Santa Barbara has to offer.

Register for Invoca Summit now!

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