Invoca's Bring Your Kids to Work Day 2018

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Invoca's Bring Your Kids to Work Day 2018

Even with their wild imaginations, it can be hard for kids to grasp what mom and dad do at work all day. Bring Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day is a great opportunity to bond with the kiddos and give them a glimpse at what grownup life is like. While the things they dream up about our jobs are probably way cooler than what we actually do, it’s still a great experience for both parents and kids.

Here are what some Invoca parents and kids had to say about their day together at the office.

My toddler enjoyed pressing all the buttons on the conference room phones, having some pretty serious strategy sessions with our resident Invoca mascots (office dogs), playing with other kiddos, and meeting my Invoca work-family. Also, who can pass up tacos?! Family is so important and I'm so appreciative that Invoca recognizes and celebrates that.

- Lauren Harris, Director, Product Management

Marlowe’s favorite parts of the day were having so much fun and meeting (Invoca’s HR director) Zoe. I could not have been prouder to show her how awesome the people are with whom I work. I have to travel often for work and it is stressful on my wife and both of my daughters. I wanted to give them a small vacation and a chance to associate a fun time with my job. Invoca knocked it out of the park in every way.

- Harrison Krat, Senior Solutions Architect

Invoca take your kids to work day
Me- "Amber, it's time to get going, can you please pack up your stuff?"
Amber- "Dad, I need 15 more minutes, can you please not leave until when you usually leave at 5?"
Me- "So, what was your favorite part about coming to work with me today"
Amber- "Working with Jessica. I did her work for her."
Me- "What kind of work did you do?"
Amber-  "I moved her windows from one screen to the other, and helped her with her work"

- Austin Gendron, Senior Technical Success Representative

I brought my 1-year-old son to work to teach him 'where mummy goes' when she leaves the house every morning. He may not have totally understood the concept, but really enjoyed pointing out all the trash and recycling bins throughout the office, playing piano, and pushing the buttons in the elevator.

- Julia Stead, VP Marketing

My kids were counting down the days until "take your kid to work day" starting about a month ago. For the last week, literally every morning the first thing out of Emma's mouth (my 4 year old): "Dad, it's only five days until take your kid to work day!" They have been in the office before, but I was excited to bring them in for the event to have a positive, fun experience at work with other co-workers' kids, and to have a chance to see a bit more of what I do every day (although maybe they just think I play ping pong and blow bubbles on the roof all day...) They all had a blast and definitely bragged to their friends at school the next day. Thanks Invoca for putting on a great event!

- Nick Burwell, Front End Software Architect

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