Invocans Vote! How We’re Participating in the 2020 Presidential Election

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Invocans Vote! How We’re Participating in the 2020 Presidential Election

As of the morning of November 3, over 100 million votes had been cast, which is about 75% of the total number of votes cast in the 2016 election. Participation in this year’s election will no doubt be historic. Because our level of involvement in this election is higher than any time in recent history and many may have to wait in long lines to vote, Invoca has made this election day an official company holiday. 

Many Invocans are participating in the election this year, whether that means getting out to vote, volunteering at polling places, hitting the phone banks, and nervously watching the results as they trickle in on today and throughout the week. Here is what some Invocans are doing this election day. 

I am a poll worker in Texas, volunteering four days. I want to see with my own eyes what is happening inside the voting process when historians write about this election. I am very passionate that every vote is counted. Thanks to Invoca for providing the day off to vote!
I voted early (because I had an eye surgery scheduled for election day) in my Invoca swag no less! I participated in process through conversations day to day and encouraging voting participation. My fiancee is retired from the military and hearing firsthand the sacrifices and loss our active military and veterans experience to protect this freedom to vote is something we can not ignore or take for granted.
I’ve been leading ballot chasing efforts in Denver. This means creating and distributing daily lists to other chasers and then go out and knock on the doors of voters who have not yet returned their ballots. Turnout has been incredible but every single vote needs to be counted. I’m involved because democracy requires vigilance and vibrant citizenship. We can’t take it for granted. I tell everyone to assert their power and vote.
I have been a poll worker since 2008 and I am poll working again this year over four days. It's so nice that we have Election Day as a holiday and Volunteer Time Off because in the past I have had to use my vacation time. Leading up to the election, I text banked for various candidates and found that to be an easy, impactful, and safe way to connect with people from all over the country. Participating in the political process is important to me because I want to have a say in who is leading our government. I also want to help others participate in the process; polling places can only open if there are enough volunteers.
I live in Oregon and we have been exclusively vote by mail for 20 years. We also are asked/reminded/given the forms to register to vote any time we have to visit the DMV. Since I have had my ballot in for 2 weeks and I want to do something meaningful with my time off, tomorrow I am going to a non-profit started by a bunch of chefs who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. We are all going cook meals for folks who find themselves out of work (most because of the fallout of COVID).
As I voted yesterday in my neighborhood, I was humbled by the folks working the polls, adhering to COVID rules, and creating a generally safe place to execute our civic duty. It’s quite amazing to see how many women work at the polls and we should recognize that commitment by women for all our benefit.
I live in California where you can easily request a mail-in ballot and this year the addition of secure ballot drop boxes and trackable ballots made the whole process easy and reassuring to know my vote was counted. I’ve written letters to voters and will be text banking on November 2 and 3. That aside, the thing I’m most excited about is that my oldest son is eligible to vote this year. It was pretty moving to sit at the kitchen table and talk through it all, particularly explaining the importance of down-ballot voting, the impact of which many miss.

Have a great election day and thank you for voting! 

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