Invoca Launches New Product For Search Marketers

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Invoca Launches New Product For Search Marketers

Today we launched Invoca for Search, a product built for search marketers who understand one key truth about modern marketing: The path to purchase is complex, and the marketer who understands that path, will succeed.

At a recent event, Jason Spero, Google’s Global Head of Performance Media, delivered the same message. People don’t buy things after one engagement on one device anymore. This means the more data marketers have about these multi-device, multichannel journeys, the more they can have one-to-one conversations with consumers.

Invoca for Search fills the online to offline gap in the customer journey and provides in-depth call intelligence to make better conversations possible. With the rise of mobile, phone calls are pouring in by the billions, but still most marketing tools ignore these conversations. In other words, bid management, retargeting, analytics, and marketing automation solutions don't speak phone, but Invoca fills the gaps with granular call attribution and a whole new level of insight into actual phone conversations. With Invoca for Search, marketers get the full picture so they can calculate ROI, make powerful optimizations and create highly targeted cross-channel campaigns.

Easy Call Attribution

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Before you can tackle the big multichannel picture, you’ve got to make sure you have complete attribution. Invoca has a smooth new native integration that automatically syncs your AdWords account with Invoca. It takes seconds to set up, and you have all the data you need including call volume, call sources down to the keyword, cost data, caller location, and average call duration.

Invoca for Search

It’s also easy to get this data in your Google Analytics and AdWords account as well as DoubleClick by Google and all the leading bid management platforms like Kenshoo and Acquisio.

In Depth Call Intelligence

Attribution is just the first step. Phone calls have a goldmine of data that can be leveraged across marketing channels. Invoca provides a whole new layer of data about your callers, what happens during the call and even what happens after the call. Invoca captures detailed demographic data about your callers as well as the buyer intent and outcome of each call. With a feature that listens to each call for important words or phrases, you can track:

  • What product the caller is interested in
  • If they are comparing competitors
  • Did they make a purchase or an appointment
  • And much more

Finally, Invoca keeps track of the entire customer journey so you can effectively calculate ROI. By integrating with CRM systems, Invoca ties revenue back to the call and keyword.

Better Cross-Channel Targeting

Now for the really exciting stuff - using call intelligence to enhance the customer journey beyond the initial paid search click. Invoca's data syncs to marketers data and analytics tools, bid management solutions and retargeting platforms and marketing automation making it easy to leverage call data across channels.

For example, let’s say a consumer called in from one of your search ads looking for a new TV cable provider. From that single call you know the caller:

  • searched for “local cable”
  • is a potential new customer - they are not a repeat call and they pressed 1 to speak to sales
  • lives in Austin, TX
  • is highly interested in your premium cable/internet bundle package - they spent eight minutes on the phone and mentioned your bundled package by name
  • was not ready to make a decision

Now you can send this information to your data management platform and retargeting platform so you can follow up with the most powerful message possible. Drop this caller into a retargeting campaign advertising a new low price specific to the package they’re interested in. It's a perfect example of better customer conversations.


Today's marketers have to broaden their view of customers beyond the channel, beyond the click, and beyond a single engagement. Invoca for Search fills out the picture with easy-to-use, totally integrated call intelligence. If you want to learn more, schedule a demo today! Or download our eBook, Paid Search for the Mobile Era, to learn how call intelligence fits into your paid search strategy.

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