How Visiqua Uses Invoca to Increase Conversions and Reduce CPA

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How Visiqua Uses Invoca to Increase Conversions and Reduce CPA

Visiqua is a performance marketing agency that’s focused on connecting consumers to a brand at the right time to accelerate customer acquisition. As it moved from driving web conversions to the pay-per-call (PPC) arena, the company knew that it had to provide accurate conversion data to manage its partners and prove its value to clients.

To provide the right data to call-focused companies like insurance providers, Visiqua knew that it needed an advanced call tracking software to track leads and conversions. “We knew we had to get into the pay-per-call business, but you must have the right tech stack to support it,” said Jamie Sutton, VP Revenue & Product at Visiqua.

After hitting a few bumps in the road, Visiqua found the right fit with Invoca. “The other [call tracking] platforms we tried were really basic. They were fine for pulling phone numbers and basic reporting, but they just weren’t robust enough,” said Sutton. Invoca’s capabilities in reporting, real-time routing, customer service, and Signal AI call analytics made it exactly what Visiqua was looking for.

Now that it has the right call tracking tech, Visiqua can focus on their mission—acquiring customers for brands. To do this more effectively, Visiqua needed to expand its PPC business, and after implementing Invoca, it was able to increase PPC business by 500 percent. Since many of its customers are also using Invoca, they also are able to co-run syndicated campaigns and reduce CPC.

Improving call disposition was also a priority. Before Invoca, it could take up to 90 days to get call disposition data from clients. “By that time, call disposition isn’t very meaningful, and it doesn’t help if we want to make optimizations to a campaign.” With Signal AI, call disposition is now instantaneous.

Visiqua is also using Invoca to reduce cost-per-acquisition (CPA) for its clients. With real-time call disposition data, it can see what campaigns are working and which are failing. Making campaign optimizations based on data—in real-time—is now possible. “In a 90-day period, we were able to use these optimizations to reduce the client’s cost per acquisition by over 80 percent.”

Conversions have increased by 60 percent since 2017, and Visiqua has big plans for the future. “We’re really happy with how we’ve been able to use Signal AI so far, but there’s probably a hundred different ways we can still use it.”

Read the full case study to see how Visiqua is using Invoca to deliver more customers at a lower cost for its clients.

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