How To Use Call Data To Have Better Phone Conversations

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How To Use Call Data To Have Better Phone Conversations

It’s no secret your customers want to call your business. In fact, customer calls are expected to jump to 162 billion by 2019, according to BIA/Kelsey.

All of those calls translate to an enormous opportunity for businesses to make a big impact on the bottom line. The trouble is when it comes to customer calls, many businesses are dropping the ball. eMarketer reports that the phone is the most frustrating channel for consumers, and according to Invoca's State of the Mobile Experience, 74% of consumers say they are likely to choose another business after a poor caller experience. If businesses don't do something, that big opportunity can turn into a disaster.

So what can marketers do to take advantage of these valuable calls? The key to a successful phone conversation might surprise you -- it comes down to call data.

Here are three ways to use call data to have better phone conversations.

1. Get to Know Your Customers on a Personal Level with Call Data

A successful phone conversation means knowing your caller, and that includes where they live. Call intelligence solutions automatically pull the geographic location of your caller, and you can use this information to make sure to route the caller to the appropriate branch or department. You can also use this information to tailor the conversation. One example is when a caller calls in, the location will automatically pop-up and the sales rep is pinged with weather information for that area. It’s just a nice little conversation starter that can help put the caller at ease.

Equally important to a successful phone call is demographic information. Demographic information like name, age, household income, and more can help sales reps or call center agents have highly relevant and targeted conversations. It can also help inform them about which callers are prime customers. For example, if someone calls into an insurance agency, the rep can get real-time call data to see what kind of policy is appropriate for that person,

2. Understand Customers' Needs and Behaviors

First-time callers and repeat callers can have drastically different needs. If a caller has had previous conversations with your company, the sales rep can use call data to get a detailed account of previous calls and all of their online activity. eMarketer reports that having to repeat information at each step of a call is a customer's number one complaint when it comes to interacting with a business over the phone. With call data, a sales rep agent can see the complete caller history and tailor the conversation without skipping a beat to save the customer time and energy.

Not all calls are created equal and this is especially true for mobile and landline calls. Mobile callers may have different needs than a landline caller. Mobile callers are usually on-the-go and looking for quick answers so they can move on with their day. A sales rep can adjust the call experience based on whether a call originated from a landline or mobile phone.

3. Gain Insight into Their Product Interests

Before call intelligence, marketers were left in the dark when a customer decided to make the jump from an online interaction to a phone call, and sales reps were left without any insight into why that person was calling or what product they were interested in. A call intelligence solution with real-time call data makes it possible for sales agents to see the caller's complete customer journey -- both online and offline engagements -- so the call experience can be personalized based on the interests of the caller.

If the caller is a current customer, a call intelligence solution can use real-time intelligence routing to automatically connect the caller with the customer service team. This way the sales team can focus on the calls that matter most to them, and the caller has an efficient and more helpful experience.

Call data can make a big difference to your sales calls and your bottom line. Download a copy of The Digital Marketer's Ultimate Guide To Call Intelligence, to get more tips for improving your marketing with calls.

Digital Marketer's Guide to Call Intelligence

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