How Clearlink Uses Invoca to Drive Conversions and Personalize the Customer Journey

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How Clearlink Uses Invoca to Drive Conversions and Personalize the Customer Journey

Clearlink partners with leading brands like AT&T, DISH, Microsoft, and Progressive to further their reach, drive revenue, and continuously improve customer relationships. Clearlink provides its customers with solutions in marketing, sales, and data science designed to give customers a consistent and personal experience during every interaction.

“Brands typically partner with Clearlink to tap both our digital marketing and sales expertise,” he said. “We help them to reach customers they can’t find,” said Adrian Lazo, Executive Vice President of Marketing. Clearlink also runs call center operations for brands, so it has a vested interest in turning callers into paying customers as efficiently as possible.

The Scalability Challenge

Call tracking and analytics is critical for Clearlink’s understanding of each brand’s unique customer path, and to drive digital marketing success. Because calls were so important, it built an in-house solution to track inbound calls, but as Clearlink grew, the call tracking solution became difficult to manage. On top of that, the homegrown solution couldn’t effectively filter out spam and customer service calls. The company wanted a modern and reliable call tracking and analytics solution that could perform analytics in real-time, and at scale.

Hear more on why call tracking is important for Clearlink, from the EVP of Marketing:

“With Invoca, we don’t have to worry about building and maintaining a critical piece of our infrastructure — and that gives us peace of mind,” said Lazo. “We are now driving about 500,000 to 600,000 calls per month through Invoca.”

Solving Efficiency Issues with Invoca Call Tracking and Analytics

Invoca solved one of the company’s immediate pain points by identifying and blocking spam calls. No one likes getting pestering and persistent spam calls, but a company that relies on call revenue can’t afford dealing with bad calls. “We have so many phone numbers to manage,” said Lazo. “So, whenever waves of spam calls come in, it totally screws up our metrics.” Invoca’s platform authenticates real callers and blocks spammers, freeing up Clearlink’s call center team to focus on turning callers into happy customers.

Dive deeper into how Clearlink drives results with call data.

Clearlink also wanted to solve a problem with excessive customer service calls. It realized that one of its brands had a confusing webpage that was driving shoppers to call with service questions. This was eating up valuable time and resources in the call center, and Clearlink used Invoca to find the solution to  improve the online experience.

“We use call tracking through Invoca to A/B test different variations of customer service content on our customers’ websites,” said Lazo. “The success metric we use is a satisfied customer who doesn’t need to call in to talk to a live representative.” Customer service calls are now down by 20 percent.

Improving Customer Experience with Call Data

Before Invoca, Clearlink was unable to distinguish between high and low intent callers until they gave their information to the agent. Now, with call tracking, Clearlink is able to give agents information about where a customer is in their journey at the exact moment of the phone call. “We can see what a customer was actually looking at online and then pass that information along to support center staff through the Invoca platform,” Lazo explained. “So, a support agent can now say to a customer, ‘I see you were looking at questions about your bill,’ or ‘I understand you were looking at information about resetting your modem.’”

He continued, “With Invoca, our agents no longer have to start from scratch in customer conversations. They now know what a customer was looking at on the web before they actually called in.”

Clearlink is also looking at factors like language to personalize the customer experience. “If someone comes to one of our sites and selects Spanish language content, we obviously want to route them to a Spanish-speaking team,” Lazo explained. “With Invoca, we can do that in real time without giving the customer a different phone number to call.”

Learn more about how Clearlink uses call data to drive efficiency and improve customer experiences.

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