Have You Heard Of The Revolution In Email Marketing?

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Have You Heard Of The Revolution In Email Marketing?

We’ve all read countless articles claiming that email armageddon is near. But, it’s 2016 and email shows no actual signs of slowing down.

In fact, 73% of marketers agree it is core to their business. And over 55% of marketers plan on increasing their email marketing budget this year because it continues to provide the most ROI bang for the marketing investment.

But email is getting tougher. Mobile has complicated matters, and email marketers are on the hook to create personalized experiences that transcend channels and devices. If you’re left wondering what your next move is, we’ve got the answer for you.

Email, Meet Phone Calls

Download our newest guide, Email, Meet Calls, to learn how Invoca will revolutionize your email marketing. I know some of you may be thinking there is nothing revolutionary about phone calls, but the truth is phone calls are on the rise, and they are changing the face of digital marketing. Mobile has caused a huge upswing in consumer phone calls -- BIA/Kelsey estimates that by 2019, 162 billion people will call businesses from their mobile phones - that’s more than double the calls since 2014. That’s right, mobile has made phone calls an extremely important part of today’s omnichannel customer journey.

Not only are calls on the rise, new call intelligence technology for email marketers makes it easy and scalable to track phone calls, capture relevant information from each phone conversation, and apply those insights to every aspect of your email marketing. There is no question, everything about email marketing works better when you know when and why people call.

When you combine Invoca with your email marketing you will:

  • Drive more engagement - especially from your mobile audience.
  • Get a whole new layer of data about your prospects.
  • Improve audience segmentation and personalization.
  • Get a clear picture of email ROI for the first time.

Here’s How It Works

Invoca makes it easy to put trackable phone numbers or click to call buttons in your email campaigns. This way, you give your audience an easy way to get personal service. Plus, all calls made from the landing page or directly from the email will be attributed back to the campaign and specific email.

Invoca not only improves email engagement, it gives you a whole new layer of data about your customers that you can use to segment your audience and personalize every step of the customer journey. With call intelligence, marketers can trigger follow-up campaigns based on inbound calls from emails, deliver journeys that adapt to caller behavior, and even improve conversions with insight into customer conversations.

Learn how Invoca for Email gets you one giant step closer to email marketing success. Download your copy of our latest eBook, Email, Meet Phone Calls.

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