See How Digital Market Media Drove 1,000% More YoY Revenue With Invoca

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See How Digital Market Media Drove 1,000% More YoY Revenue With Invoca

Digital Market Media is an industry leader in insurance marketing and lead generation, specializing in client acquisition primarily in the insurance and finance sectors. DMM operates full-funnel sales channels including an array of inbound pay-per-call marketing programs, lead generation, and client acquisition services. With over 100 employees globally, it’s now operating as a fully remote company.

Digital Market Media’s mission is to change the way pay-per-call marketing is done. It uses proprietary and scalable digital marketing technologies alongside a partnership approach with its clients to deliver more qualified inbound sales calls, lower customer acquisition costs, and provide data intelligence to enable its clients to optimize the customer experience in real time across virtually any channel or device. 

To accomplish this, DMM utilizes a best-of-breed approach that combines leading-edge SaaS marketing technology with its proprietary platform. “We’re always searching for ways to drive success for our clients and scale our business,” said Kyle Andersson, Director of Operations at Digital Market Media. “Continually evolving and improving the technology we use is a critical part of delivering the best possible business results for our clients.” 

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Using Invoca to Improve Pay-Per-Call Leads and the Contact Center Experience

Delivering high-quality pay-per-call leads encompasses a large part of DMM’s business. As it grew the pay-per-call business in recent years, it found that the call and leads platform it was using could not deliver the granular data needed to optimize campaigns and improve customer experience in a scalable way. “What we were using was primarily a leads platform and it just wasn’t built to provide granular campaign attribution or conversation analytics,” said Andersson. “The user interface was extraordinarily complex and changes had to be made by their IT team, for which it charged an hourly fee. There was just no way we could grow our PPC business with it.” 

Digital Market Media was also planning to expand its business with its own call center, with the goal being to deliver high-intent, qualified, and fully compliant calls to their clients. “Compliance and quality are critical to the success of a call center business, and our previous platform had no features to enable that.” Requiring everything from call routing capabilities to monitoring agent performance, it was clear that a complete conversation intelligence system was needed to support its ever-expanding needs. 

“We chose Invoca because they left no doubt in our mind that they’re the industry leader, and it’s evident in everything that they do. There are other up-and-coming platforms, but they’re all chasing Invoca.”

Boosting Revenue from DMM’s Digital Campaigns 

Now that Digital Marketing Media is using Invoca’s Active Conversation Intelligence platform, it is able to quickly scale campaigns and get highly granular insights into campaign performance, which allows its analytics team to quickly and effectively find optimizations that help future performance. And they’ve posted some impressive results, including a 1,000% increase in year-over-year revenue since launching on Invoca platform in 2018. 

“Invoca provides in-depth information and clarity to our sales process,” said Andersson. “Our call center leaders utilize this data to create games and rewards to keep our agents motivated and performing. All our agents have Invoca access to track their sales — they love the transparency the system provides, which gives them an extra boost to exceed their sales goals.”

DMM Opens and Operates Independent Call Center With Invoca

Since DMM began using Invoca, it added its own onshore and fully-remote call center division. “Compliance and quality are critical to the achievement of our goals and mission,” said Andersson. “Our call center generates live transfers for our clients, and Invoca helps us maximize transfer efficiency, ensuring customers get connected with the right agent, right away.”

In addition, Invoca enables DMM to accurately track every transfer generated by each call center agent, so they can reward the agent's efforts and keep track of their performance. Invoca also allows them to analyze and segment individual agent performance data, and with the use of Signal AI, they are beginning to delve into predictive analytics to optimize every hour of the day.

The ability to operate their own domestic call centers and do so with remote agents has enabled them to guarantee quality in their operation and provide peace of mind to their partners that all the transfers meet the strict compliance obligations.

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