Calling All Links! — Robot Spring Edition

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Calling All Links! — Robot Spring Edition

Welcome to Calling All Links, the best weekly link digest for digital marketing geeks, search freaks and everyone in between. To celebrate spring, this week we’ll look at AI robot related-things that are popping up on the web. We’ve got some AI making people feel icky, bots baking dinner and bombing on the standup stage. Enjoy!

Sometimes AI is a Little Creepy

When a robot looks a little too human, it definitely gives people a bad case of the NOPEs. But if a chatbot sounds really human, does it have the same potential to give people the willies as a robot with an overly-realistic face?


Microsoft has come up with an ostensibly better (and potentially creepier) chatbot technology that can talk and listen at the same time like people do, and predict what you might say or ask next. Will it actually work better or will it just have people hanging up and heading for the hills?


But this Robot Chef Makes Up for It

Can’t shake the vision of that weird robot face? Cleanse your palate with the thought of a chef-bot cooking you a perfect meal. The Spyce Kitchen, dreamed up by some hungry MIT grads, has the potential of shaking up how we think of fast food.

It can quickly whip up (and actually cook) meals on the spot, making it possible to deliver fresh, hot, and healthy meals without human interaction. I can see this being a hit in Silicon Valley offices, and hopefully ridding us of those nasty meal-shakes once and for all. And yes, it does its own dishes!

Read more at the New Yorker

Then an AI Comedian Walks Into a Bar…

One of the many human traits that an AI has yet to successfully imitate is a sense of humor. That has not stopped people from trying to make it work, and it is funny in its own special way. But we’re not talking clever Monty Python-funny here, more like a guy falling off of a homemade motorcycle into a giant mud puddle without spilling his beer kinda funny. For example, and completely out of context: “I would kiss you as many times as there are stitches in the children.” Can an AI be funny? You be the judge.

Read more at the Washington Post

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