Calling All Links — Gondolas & Glasses Edition

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Calling All Links — Gondolas & Glasses Edition

Welcome to Calling All Links, the best weekly link digest for digital marketing geeks, search freaks and everyone in between. After a week off, we have a new mascot and a fresh batch of links featuring the lighter side of marketing, insightful articles on everything from AI to SEO, and other stuff that kind of looks like work to help pass the time until you can call it a weekend. Enjoy!

Salesforce Tower Has a Gondola. Really.

Watching Salesforce tower go from a pile of girders to gleaming edifice over the last few years has been fascinating. The tallest building in San Francisco will be home to many amenities like a public rooftop park, luxurious parent’s rooms, and mindfulness zones to meditate the stress of the day away. But perhaps the most outrageous feature is the Salesforce Park gondola. Yes, you read that right. Marc Benioff’s signature skyscraper will carry pedestrians from the transit center at the corner of Mission and Fremont to the 5.4-acre rooftop in a basket. Granted, it’s only a two-story trip, but it’s still the craziest form of public transport in the City.

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Get Lost in the Marketing Technology Landscape

Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape is either the best wallpaper ever for martech geeks or a terrifyingly crowded hellscape that will send martech marketers into a panicked claustrophobic frenzy. Either way, the Martech 5000 provides a fascinating glimpse at the ever-expanding world of marketing technology platforms. The new ‘scape has 27 percent more logos than last year, including 6,829 marketing solutions from 6,242 vendors in 48 categories. I’ll buy you a drink if you can find Invoca’s logo — or your company’s logo for that matter.

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Snapchat Specs: Less Annoying than Google Glass?

Not likely, but at least they’re more twee than the much-derided and more serious looking Google Glass. After its first attempt at a face-worn camera failed, Snapchat is taking another swing at camera-wielding wearables with its revamped Spectacles. At $150, they are far more accessible to the millenial masses than the $1,500 Google Glass was, but they also have far less functionality.  While the cartoonish look makes them appear unthreatening, is the world any less wary of the potential invasiveness of camera glasses? If you’re brave enough, wear them into your favorite downtown dive bar and record how fast you get shouted out of the room to find out.

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What Marketers Can Learn from Furniture

Okay, it’s more about what marketers can learn about selling furniture on Amazon, but that would make a boring H2, so here we are. Product experience management company Salsify analyzed more than 365,000 furniture and home goods product pages on Amazon to find out what helps product pages stand out and spur conversions in this competitive category. If your product has a page somewhere on the internet, you can probably glean some useful information from this study. If not, at least you’ll be inspired to finally find that end table that you need to tie together your living room.

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