Calling All Links! - April Fool's Edition

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Calling All Links! - April Fool's Edition

Welcome to Calling All Links, the best weekly link digest for digital marketing geeks, search freaks and everyone in between. Each week we’ll LOL at the lighter side of marketing, share insightful articles on everything from AI to SEO, and give you something to do that kind of looks like work to help pass the time until you can call it a weekend. Enjoy!

Google News That’s Foolish to Share

Google is so big that it even has to scale its April Fool’s joke volume to match the company’s clout. Most of them are so absurd that nobody in their right mind would have shared them as legit (Hummus API) but others are clever enough that you might be tempted to spread them around the internet like chickpea dip on veggies. Luckily the Bad Joke Detector isn’t real, because it would delete all my blogs and social media feeds.

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Why So Serious?

Those of us in B2B marketing are always looking for ways to lighten things up in our buttoned-down world. We don’t have to wallow in a corner full of industry buzzwords and pun-free whitepapers while letting the B2C folks have all the fun. A sense of humor adds a touch of humanity that keeps people engaged. No matter what your CMO tells you, your B2B customers are indeed people. Like any joke, you can bomb hard, though, so the LOLZ don’t come without risks.

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Alexa, Order a 10,000-Year Clock

Tech leaders are known to be obsessed with immortality, and many are wont to leave a legacy. Marc Benioff has the massive Salesforce Tower, Elon Musk launched a freaking car into space, and Larry & Sergey have, well, Google. Not to be outdone, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has invested $42 million in a 10,000-year clock housed in a hollowed-out mountain in Texas that doubles as Bezos’ Blue Origin spaceport—whatever that is. The clock is designed to run for an awful optimistic 10 millenia. The big question is if Amazon drones will still be able to deliver cases of La Croix to the bunker after the apocalypse.

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