Apollo Interactive Talks About Using Invoca To Streamline The Caller Experience

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Apollo Interactive Talks About Using Invoca To Streamline The Caller Experience

Digital marketers have started cashing in on phone calls. Apollo Interactive, a digital marketing agency that generates leads for health and life insurance carriers, has made phone calls a critical part of their strategy. They know that one of the easiest ways to take a consumer to the next step in their journey is to give them the opportunity to call -- especially for consumers shopping for a new insurance policy.

Apollo uses Invoca to track calls and automate the call experience and routing, so each call has the best chance of converting. With Invoca, Apollo has created custom rules to automate the caller experience to ensure calls are connected to the carrier that best fits their needs.

To get the inside story, I talked to Apollo’s Todd Anderson, VP of Insurance, to see how his team uses Invoca to optimize their caller experience and maximize conversions.

What role do calls play in the customer’s path to purchase?

Health insurance customers need to make a phone call in almost all instances. Whether the customer initiates this through an inbound call, or an agent initiates the dialogue through an outbound call, speaking with the customer over the phone is an essential part of the purchase process.

How are you driving phone calls? Do you find most calls come from mobile channels?

We prominently place phone numbers on all customer touchpoints. These include emails, websites, ads, and anywhere else a consumer may be exposed to our brand. Mobile channels tend to drive higher percentages of phone calls than other channels, but we do see consumers calling in from all channels.

How has Real-Time Routing (RTR) helped you improve the caller experience?

RTR ensures that the caller will be connected to an insurance agent who can help them immediately. Through our algorithm we prioritize companies with the highest connect rates so we can route prospects where their call will most likely be answered. This is a win from our perspective as it allows us to monetize the most calls possible, and it’s a win for callers who get connected to the agent who can best help them.

We also use Invoca’s IVR (interactive voice response) and RTR to ask callers detailed questions and then automatically route calls based on their answers. For example, the type of policy they are looking for, how old they are, and when they would like coverage to start. Ultimately we bring value by connecting interested customers with the companies and agents that can best meet their needs.

Has using Invoca helped you improve your marketing performance and conversion rates?

Yes! A practical example of this is when one of our insurance clients experiences a sudden fluctuation in their call conversion rate. This could be due to anything from an emergency in the call center, a technical issue, or even an operating hour change that wasn’t properly communicated. In these instances, our RTR configuration recognizes these fluctuations and adjusts the call routing accordingly so we’re not sending calls to companies that can’t handle them.

We also use Invoca to track the performance of our marketing channels so we can see both the online and offline leads any particular channel or campaign produces. From there we can calculate ROI and optimize our budget to maximize quality leads.

How do you ensure the calls you generate are high quality?

The best measure of call quality is conversion rate, and most often this is determined based on a minimum call duration. By using call duration to gauge quality we know exactly which marketing sources and channels are driving disproportionately low quality so we can try and improve the campaign or we can eliminate it altogether.

If you want to learn how other Invoca users are using call intelligence to improve their marketing, visit invoca.com/customers.

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